Promo marketing video maker hacked, database containing 22 million user records leaked


World’s top marketing video maker, Promo and Slidely hacked, hackers leak of 22 million records containing almost 15 million unique email addresses and salted SHA-256 password hashes

The self-proclaimed world’s top marketing video maker, Promo, and its associate, Slidely web servers were hacked into by unknown hackers on 21st July 2020. The hackers have now leaked a database containing 22 million user records. The database contains first name, last name, unique email addresses, genders, and salted SHA-256 password hashes.

According to the blog post put up by Promo, they noticed that the hackers exploited a data security vulnerability on a 3rd party service to gain entry into the Promo and Slidely servers and accessed user data. Promo states that all Promo and Slidely users are affected by the data breach. However, the payment data was saved on a different web server and hence no credit card/debit card or banking information was accessed by the hackers.

Promo adds although user account passwords were hashed and salted, it is possible that hackers could have decoded the passwords. If you logged into Promo or Slidely using your Facebook or Gmail account, you will not be affected by the data breach.

Promo and Slidely are into marketing video making business. Both allow users to create marketing videos for promoting their services. They claim to world’s leading social and video ad creation platform.

If you are a Promo or Slidely customer, you should email them at [email protected] or check out whether your user information has been leaked on


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