Prime Minister Boris Johnson to kick out Huawei completely from United Kingdom’s 5G Network


In a U-Turn, Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to boot out Huawei from United Kingdom’s 5G network in 2020 after GHCQ recommendation

We had written about how Prime Minister Boris Johnson led the government had formalized plans to boot Huawei out of the United Kingdom’s 5G infrastructure in 3 years.  Now it is learned that Huawei may be kicked out of UK’s 5G network as early as December 2020.

The u-turn from Boris Johnson government comes after a security briefing by the country’s intelligence agency, GHCQ. After the GHCQ reassessment of Huawei’s security threat, the UK officials are drawing up proposals to stop installing new Huawei equipment in the 5G network within six months. They are also planning to replace the equipment that has already been procured and deployed by Huawei.

GCHQ raised new security concerns over Huawei 5G equipment in a new report presented to the UK government, GHCQ’s reassessment stems from the United States decision to ban Huawei. The GHCQ reportedly stated that Huawei would be deploying untrusted and unvetted technology due to the U.S. ban on the export of technology to Huawei.

The news was first reported by the Sunday Telegraph and Sky News has noted that the reports are “broadly accurate”. According to Sunday Telegraph, UK could boot out Huawei in 2020 itself with officials writing new proposals to prevent new Huawei equipment from being installed in the 5G network in as little as six months.

The 5G cake is literally crumbling for Huawei. The U.S. FCC had notified Huawei and ZTE were national security threats last week. Many countries around the world are bound to follow U.S. advice and not use its technology for 5G infrastructure. India is already in the process of banning Huawei from bidding in the forthcoming 5G contracts. Singapore has already kicked out Huawei in favor of Nokia and Ericcson.

Huawei being banned by so many countries from participating in 5G infrastructure could turn it into an obsolete tech company because 5G is supposed to be the next big thing. An independent U.S. think-tank ITIF has already noted that Huawei is not letting innovation happen in the telecom sector.

With so many countries blocking Huawei, it could be forced into a technical exile/banishment of sorts. The same happened with once market leader-Nokia Mobiles when it failed to embrace Android/iOS and stuck to its outdated SymbianOS. But Nokia did it willingly while Huawei is being forced into this exile by the United States.


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