Portuguese telecom companies will not use Huawei equipment for 5G Network


Top telecom companies in Portugal say they will not use Huawei equipment for their 5G network despite no government ban

There is bad news for Huawei again. After being banned or barred in nearly half the world, now top Portuguese telecom companies and mobile service providers have said that they will not be using Huawei equipment in their 5G networks.

According to a Reuters report, the top Portugue telcos like NOS, Altice, and Vodafone have stated that they will not use Huawei’s technology in their 5G core networks. And this is happening despite the fact that the Portuguese government has officially not banned Huawei from participating in Portugal’s 5G network.

We have already listed the countries that have banned/ousted Huawei from participating in 5G networks. The European Union passed a resolution to leave it to the individual countries to decide on importing Huawei equipment for their 5G network. In January, the European Union said countries can either restrict or exclude high-risk 5G vendors from core parts of their telecoms networks. Many countries are following the U.S. and blocking Huawei equipment import. However, Portugal is not one of them.

The top telecom player in Portugal, NOS said that it will drop Huawei from the list of 5G equipment suppliers. A NOS spokeswoman told Reuters that the company “will not have Huawei equipment in its core network” and will choose the “best partners” for each of the network’s components.

The same thoughts were repeated by Vodafone Portugal and Altice. Vodafone has already announced in February it would be removing Huawei equipment from the sensitive, core parts of its mobile networks across Europe. Vodafone UK has already dropped Huawei from its 5G equipment suppliers list as per the UK government order.

The Portugual government has no part in this decision according to Infrastructure Minister Pedro Nuno Santos. He told Reuters that he “heard Huawei would be left out” but added: “It has nothing to do with the options or impositions of the Portuguese government, which in this matter is absolutely aligned with the European orientation.” “We have no prior issues with any manufacturer,” Nuno Santos told Reuters.

Huawei did not immediately reply to a request for comment, according to Reuters.


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