Popular Ubuntu Linux-based toolkit REMnux Version 7 now available for download


Ubuntu-based Linux Distro for malware reverse-engineering, REMnux Version 7 now available for download

Lenny Zelster and the development team behind REMnux today announced the release of version 7 of their popular malware hunting Linux distro. For the uninitiated, REMnux is a very popular Linux-based toolkit for reverse-engineering malware. It allows security researchers and hackers to study malware analysts in the sandboxing environment. REMnux allows ethical hackers to investigate suspicious programs, websites, and document files for malicious payloads.

REMnux is a Linux distro developed ten years ago by Lenny Zelsteer for reverse-engineering and analyzing malicious software. Lenny announced the new update, REMnux v7.0 after almost 5 years. The new REMnux comes with major updates, changes, and more tools. It also removes many outdated tools.

What’s new with REMnux 7.0 Linux Distro?

REMnux Version 7 is now built on top of the long-term Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver” with GNOME desktop. REMnux now uses SaltStack behind the scenes for automating the installation and configuration of software. The new architecture also makes it easier for REMnux community members to contribute tools and revisions.

REMnux toolkit 7 now includes the latest versions of the utilities useful for tasks such as:

  • Examining suspicious executables, documents, and other artifacts
  • Dynamically reverse-engineering malicious code
  • Performing memory forensics on an infected system
  • Exploring network and system interactions for behavioral analysis
  • Analyzing malicious documents.

To know all about the latest REMnux v7.0, download and read the PDF changelog. The changelog gives a summary of all available tools with the new version.

To start using REMnux 7, you can:

Lenny Zelster will also be hosting a webcast on 28th July 2020 to discuss the REMnux 7.0 and explain its features. If you are interested, you can sign up for the webcast here.


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