Popular MMORPG game Stalker Online hacked, unknown hackers steal 1.2 million gamers records


Unknown hackers hacked into MMORPG game, Stalker Online game servers and stole 1.2 million gamers user ids, emails, passwords, and phone numbers

If you are a gamer who has ever played the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game called Stalker Online, you should read this. Unknown hackers are said to have hacked into the Stalker Online game servers and stolen a near 1.2 million + 136,000 user records. The total hacked player account database contains 1,289,084 Stalker Online players which include gamers’ email addresses, user names, passwords, phone numbers,  and IP addresses.

The hackers have already put the data on sale on hacker forums and dark web market places according to a report from CyberNews. As proof of a successful cyberattack against the server, the hacker posted a link to a page on the Stalker Online website that proved that they had “personally hacked” and placed their “tag” on the server.

The CyberNews researcher found the two separate databases belonging to the Stalker Online MMO game being sold online by unknown hackers. The report says two databases were being offered for sale on Shoppy.gg and are being sold to the highest bidder. CyberNews says both the databases are being sold individually for “several hundred euros worth of bitcoin” on hacker forums.

Stalker Online is a free to play, post-apocalyptic MMORPG developed by Australian studio BigWorld Technology, a subsidiary of Wargaming.net. The game is especially popular among hardcore gamers in Russia and Eastern Europe and is available in both English and Russian. Most of the gamers’ details stolen by hackers is from these countries.

if you have a Stalker Online gamer and have an account, you should change your password immediately.


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