Polish and Swiss Police bust the notorious hacker group InfinityBlack, arrest five members of the group


InfinityBlack hacking group busted; Polish and Swiss Police arrest 5 hackers

In a dawn swoop, the Polish/Switzerland Police raided the den of the infamous hacker group called InfinityBlack. Polish authorities have seized laptops and hard disks from the hackers’ headquarters. They have also arrested 5 members of the hacking group which is famous for hacking databases and selling login credentials, distributing malware, and developing hacking tools on their own hacker website infinity.black.

The arrests were made on 29th April 2020 in Vaud, Switzerland after conclusion of the year-long investigation in a joint operation between the Polish National Police (Policja), Europol, Eurojust, and Swiss law enforcement authorities. Most of InfinityBlack’s victims, as well as clients, were from Europe.

Though the names of five gang members of the InfinityBlack have not been divulged by the authorities, an individual named Azatej, who is believed to be their leader has been arrested. Other known Infinity Black members include individuals going by the nicknames of Macien, TheN3RoX, and Kay, although we can’t confirm who of these was arrested by the Polish/Swiss police.

According to Europol, police also seized electronic equipment, external hard drives, and hardware cryptocurrency wallets worth about $108,000. And, police shut down two platforms, containing databases with more than 170 million entries.

“A number of investigation measures by specialists from the Cyber Investigation Division (DEC) of the Vaud Cantonal Police made it possible to dismantle the InfinityBlack hackers’ network, set up to exploit this data to the detriment of businesses,” according to Europol statement. “Between 30 April and 2 May 2019, five arrests were made in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland.”

Who are the InfinityBlack hacking group?

The infinityBlack hacking group was formed in late 2018. They operated by stealing credit/debit card information and selling it on their own Infinity. black website. As they made money, they branched out to selling exploits, databases, malware, and developing hacking tools.

The threat group used this online platform to sell login usernames and credentials, stolen or leaked through previous data breaches, to other cybercriminals.

Who are the InfinityBlack hacking group?

The hacker group promoted their ill-gotten wares through Discord channels, shops on the Shoppy.gg e-commerce platform, and threads on multiple dark web hacking forums. The gang used to advertise their website infinity.black on these portals.

The Infinity. Black had its own Loyalty Program. The Infinity Black crew would gain access to these accounts, and then sell the accounts to other criminal gangs, who would later exchange the loyalty points from each account for expensive electronic devices.

The Infinity. Black web portal was discontinued by the group last year and the group is now believed to offer its malicious goods on Datasense.pw.

Most of InfinityBlack’s victims were from Switzerland after the group stole a database giving them access to a large number of accounts belonging to Swiss users, and then sold access to other online fraudsters, causing financial losses to Swiss citizens.

“Although the losses are estimated at $54,000 or €50,000, hackers had access to accounts with potential losses of more than $659000 or €610,000,” Europol says.


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