PM Narendra Modi of India is most approved leader among world leaders for anti COVID-19 fight


PM Modi’s measures for fighting the Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic are most liked among world leaders

Report by Morning Consult shows PM Modi’s approval ratings highest amongst world leaders during COVID-19 pandemic; President Trump remains stable

As is said by the wise, the calamities often bring about the worst and best in humanity. The adage is more so for the leaders of the world. In some countries, their population is frying their leaders while some countries are genuinely happy with the way their government is fighting the Corona Virus pandemic.

While there have been bickerings against the leadership of President Trump for not handling the COVID-19 pandemic well have grown among the Democrat voters, it is constant among Republican voters. However, in India where the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoys cult-like popularity has witnessed a surge in his popularity during the ongoing fight against coronavirus pandemic.

This was revealed during research by instituted by Morning Consult, a global survey company. According to a report which was shared on Forbes, PM Narendra Modi’s net approval (positive approval minus negative approval) started with a rating of 68 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it has urged up to a net approval of 68 percent as on 13th April 2020. Interestingly, PM Modi’s popularity rise during the pandemic is the highest amongst all global leaders as can be seen from this tweet by Michael Tracey, a journalist.

PM Modi has embarked upon a unique method to counter the rise of the Corona Virus pandemic which is difficult for a country inhabited by a whopping 150 crore population many of whom reside in remote villages with little or no connection to the globalized world. PM Modi has imposed two lockdowns – the first one on April 14 for 21 days and the second one extended from April 14 to May 3.

He has been giving speeches to encourage Indians to embrace social distancing and tweeting the highlights of Indians doing exemplary feats for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Be it the doctors, nurses, or common Indians, PM Modi has appreciated what Indians are doing to fight the coronavirus through tweets. It is his efforts that India now has a doubling rate (the rate at which coronavirus infected double themselves among the population) stands roughly at 8 days while this rate is 4.5 days for the United States and Europe. You have to note that implementing a lockdown in a country with the second-highest population in the world is not easy. There have been some hiccups like the prayer meeting in New Delhi which contributed to the high infection rate. But by and large, the lockdown has been successful in arresting the growth of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other leaders who have witnessed a stellar rise in their popularity include Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. PM Morrison also stands out for novel ways to counter the coronavirus pandemic.  Morning Consult’s data shows that among all ten countries surveyed, Japan’s Shinzo Abe has the lowest rating at negative 33. Abe’s approval ratings have actually fallen after the start of the pandemic.

President Trump’s popularity has been mostly stable though he and Brazil’s Prime Minister Jair Bolsanaro have been the most criticized leaders among the liberals. Mind you, President Trump is the only world leader who has called out the fraud of the World Health Organisation for their handling of COVID-19. The WHO in January had tweeted that the Coronavirus did not spread to the human transmission which was not the case.  If the WHO had rightly called out the COVID-19 conditions, many deaths could have been avoided. President Trump has hinted at cutting out funding to the World Health Organisation or leaving the WHO for its mishandling of the situation.


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