Pirates use free scraping tools to download premium OnlyFans content


Pirates are scraping premium OnlyFans content during the trial period and selling/sharing it online

This is one unique way to make money or steal content. Pirates and hackers are using free scrapping tools to scrape premium content from the adult social media network, OnlyFans. OnlyFans is an adult social networking site that allows users to sell their images and videos to subscribers. The network keeps a certain amount of commission while the rest is passed on the user modeling for the videos/images.

Top OnlyFans users often offer a trial period of 15 days to new visitors and this is the window that the pirates use to pilfer the premium videos and photos of top models from OnlyFans. The pirates take advantage of promotions by models on the platform which allows users to view their content for a free trial period. Once subscribed for free, they scrape all of the content from the account and then unsubscribe without ever paying.

To scrape content, the pirates use the scrappers available online for free. There was even a data scrapping extension Google’s Chrome web browser which the pirates used. Google has since taken down this extension.

One pirate DHRB is a top reseller of OnlyFans premium content. He told Motherboard, ‘We’ve fully scraped accounts that have thousands of videos. We don’t compress anything either since we prefer quality over storage space. Literally everything gets scraped. Images, videos, audio, and text.’

Pirates then share this content with each other or share it on torrenting websites. In some cases, they sell the content to other adult entertainment websites. Some of the content is posted on adult websites like Pornhub and Xvideos.

As of now, there is nearly 2TB of OnlyFans premium content floating around on the Internet. Motherboard expects this to increase as new models appear on OnlyFans. OnlyFans has grown popular during the coronavirus pandemic and its popularity only makes it easier for the pirates to sell the content.


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