PC Method, Update Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat S660_S058 Official Release

01 Oct 2014

Update Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat S660_S058 Official Release – Couple a weeks later i already posting how to update your Lenovo S660 with KitKat using OTA method, OTA method is a lot easier to be done if you previous firmware is S660_S039. But if you previous firmware not S039 you must flashing S039 first then check on System Setting ↦ System Update. Today i will post a guide on how to update your Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat S058 with PC method installation, this method can be done from any previous firmware. but always remember to make full backup first because this guide will always erase your data and have possibility to brick your device.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial (DWYOR). If you wanna do OTA update for S062 then you must install TWRP then do OTA update with TWRP, Follow this link to install TWRP http://bit.ly/1tlRNBC

Lenovo S660 Update KitKat ROW Version S058

ROM Description :

  • Build Number : S660 ROW_S058_140919
  • Date : 19-09-2014
  • OS : Android 4.4.2
  • Languages : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
Change Logs :
  • Using Android KitKat 4.4
  • Full firmware updated
  • Switch default write disk to external SD Card
  • Updated radio firmware
  • Optimized battery life
  • Optimized system speed
Bugs :
  • Connecting USB Storage Missing
  • Application menu missing
Downloads :
  • S660 ROW_S058_140919 800 Mb, contains full image to update your Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat 4.4
  • USB VCOM Driver ↦ Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer ↦ Manage ↦ Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    Lenovo S660 Install Official Firmware S660_ROW_S039_140517
  • SP Flash Tool v5.1416 Optional download flash tool, this already include on ROM download.
PC Method, Update Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat S660_S058 Official Release
  1. Download all required files, place it on one folder for easy organize it. first you must make sure that USB VCOM driver already completely installed because you cannot continued to next step without it. 
  2. Extract S660 ROW_S058_140919, you will found 2 folders target_bin and Flast_Tool v5.1416, just ignore else.
  3. Go to flash tool folder and run Flash_Tool.exe, on the flash tool select Options ↦ Option ↦ Download make sure DA DL All with Checksum is checked, click close [x] to go back to flash tool.
    PC Method, Update Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat S660_S058 Official Release
  4. Back to flash tool, click on Scatter-Loading button and point it to target_bin/MT6582_Android_scatter.txt this will automatically load all necessary files to flash tool. Leave boot mode to Download Only and after finish all press Download button or CTRL+ D
    PC Method, Update Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat S660_S058 Official Release

  5. Wait for 3-5 seconds, now turn off your device and remove the battery.
  6. Now connect your device using USB cable, Flash tool will immediately recognize your device and begin to start installation process, this installation process will take 5-6 minutes to finish wait until you can see GREEN CIRCLE on the middle of flash tool
    PC Method, Update Lenovo S660 with Android KitKat S660_S058 Official Release
  7. Done, now you can disconnect your device. Try to normal boot and confirm that your device already updated with Android KitKat. Go to System Settings ↦ About Phone make sure Build Number is same with downloaded ROM.
Congratulations, now you can enjoy Android KitKat on Lenovo S660. Please leave any comments if you found any problems regarding this guide. Thank you
    1. hi,
      while you connect your device open the device manager, you will see that usb vcom driver show up for 2 seconds then disappear, just before disappear right click on it then select update driver point it usb vcom driver extracted folder

    2. yes,i'm done with that. After that i'm disconnect my device and connect it again,the driver is showing up but also disappear again just like before we install it or that is just normal? sorry for this stupid question,its my first time trying this method

    3. i dont know anymore how to installed the driver,the problem still not fixed. The driver is there(i can view it when i tick 'show hidden device') but when connect my phone it showing up just for a few second (looks like it is not active or am i wrong?) i have follow every step according to your guide. my version is s039 and have rooted by using vroot.

    4. Hi,
      Actually the important thing is usb vcon driver. So i just can say keep try to install the driver. Check usb debugging on system setting -> developer setting, enable it if it not enable. Then try to install the driver again

    5. Hi,
      Sign USB VCOM? You can't. On windoes 8 for install new driver it need a valid digital sign, so windows 8 will install correctly. To avoid this check on windows 8, just enable unsign driver installation. For how to just search on google. Because USB VCOM driver is unsign driver.

  1. Hi. A few days ago I purchased a Lenovo S660 coming standard with Android 4.2.2 and Play Store. However, yesterday I showed a system update for what I chose to download. After that, I found the bad news that only comes in English and Chinese and bring not Play Store.
    I hope you bring me a solution I wish I had the device in Spanish with Google Play Store and 4.4.2. if it is possible? Please, tell me yes =(
    Regards and thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,
      If you do that than your device will only have 2 language en and cn but it already root and include google play, if you wanna multi language then you should do the link i give you. It multi language rom with google play included

    2. Okay. But I have a problem with the link´s method you give me. In Flashtools appears Error 8038, what can I do? I need to put on this ROM (S039) to update at kitkat in spanish with Playstore. Thanks in advance

    1. Hola Iván,
      veo que te has animado a actualizar tu S660
      Voy a empezar a hacerlo yo 🙂
      ¿Al final has tenido que hacer el método de actualizar primero a la S039_140517 y luego hacer un system->update desde el propio teléfono?
      Porque iba a aplicar directamente la S058, pero al leer tu comentario de que sólo venía en inglés y chino y sin Playstore me que quedado de piedra…

      slds y gracias!

    2. Sorry by spanish answer, but I only want to know the whole experience from Ivan updating his S660 to Spanish ROM.
      I want to be sure that this method of updating is that I need.

      If I will need more help for updating to Spanish I will post here in english language, of course.

      Thanks and apologies

  2. hi,thanks for your guide finally i succesfully upgrading my version from s039 to kitkat. I also succesfully rooting my device by using method that you give. but for entering the recovery it actually not Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down,the working one is Power Button + Volume Up . btw,thanks again keep it up the good works

    1. hi,
      if you still now yet modified your system (rooting or installing custom rom) just go to system setting and check on system update. you should see there is update for your device S047, after successful update to S047 check system update again and you will see there is update to S058 it KitKat.

    1. Hi,
      On windows 8 you must disable sigb driver security to install USB VCOM driver, search at google how to do that. On windows 7 if flash tool cannot recognize your device it mean USB VCOM driver not install properly ,please reinstall it

  3. Hi, I bought Lenovo S660 on Aliexpress. In Version Infos shows:
    – Android 4.2.2
    – Baseband version: S660.V26, 2014/02/28 17:50
    – Build number: S660_by_www.lenovohome.net

    It's multilanguage (I'm using spanish) and it has Google apps, but it doesn't let me update via OTA because there isn't any option.

    I would like to do something that lets me update via OTA when new official version is available, but I have read that many people have

    had problems trying with smartphones purchased in China.

    What do you recommend?
    It's the first time that I will flash a smartphone, so I appreciate you show me step by step if I have to follow several tutorials.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi,
      Yes OTA update only for non modified ROM, from your description it look like you have china version ROM that already modified by the store.
      If you wanna to upgrade your device manually it recommend that you make ROM backup and NVRAM partition backup. ROM backup needed because you will never found your current ROM on the net, NVRAM is partition that store IMEI. Just 2 important backup.
      I could not recommend anything is all up to you as you can see on the comments there some people success and some failure, but for sure if you had problems you can contact me.

    2. Hi,
      Then you mean, won't I be able to update via OTA forever? Or if I change to appropriate firmware I will be able to update via OTA if new is available?

      Thank you very much for quick answer. Sellers offered me the ROM used by them:
      Lenovo S660 Multi language firmware, http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnAHPyJ
      Would you trust on this ROM?

      How can I backup NVRAM partition?

      Thank you very much.
      Best regards.

  4. Hi!
    I got my lenovo s660 since yesterday.
    It already got Superusuario…is it already Root??

    By the way, i try to rollos this cuide , but when i download USB DRIVERS, i can't install it because the folder only have notes , anything else that you can install. Do you think i'm doing something wrong??? Or i have to download it from other website??
    Thanks in avance!

  5. I bought a S660 from china with Google PlayStore and multi language and I did software update online. After that Google PlayStore had disappeared and only English and other tow languages have left. I used the method above but at some point I got the message 'PMT Changed for the rom, it must BE downloaded'. So I asked Andy Suwito to help me. It was very nice and helped me with very good advices that led to solving the problem. The part where you have to tick the option Download only Andy suggested to tick firmware upgrade and so I was able to make the update to Android KitKat. Now I have multi language and google PlayStore again.
    Thanks Andy Suwito for the advices.

  6. Greetings Andy

    I had the message "PMT changed for the ROM, it must be downloaded" and then arrange with your guide "Lenovo S660 to S032 CN Downgrade Firmware"… Thanks …

    This means that I CANT NOT update my cell phone LENOVO JELLY BEAN 4.2.2 (S660_S026_140228) to KITKAT 4.4.2…?

    I throw in the towel..?

  7. Greetings Andy, thanks for responding so fast but dont Understand very well your answer … I Explain better:

    1. I Followed in your footsteps perfectly and Gives me: "PMT changed for the ROM, it must be downloaded"

    2. So i choose "Firmware upgrade" but then my phone stay locked … Dont worry I repair S032_CN With firmware;-)

    3. Can I have KITKAT 4.2.2 to have my cell phone …?
    4. Is if YES… can you tell me what would be the procedure…?

    Facts my Lenovo:

    I have lenovo JB 4.2.2 (S660_S026_140228) …
    Build number: S660_by_www.lenovohome.net
    Phone is Recognized as LenovoSharpS660PRC on my PC
    My phone dont have option to update system
    I bought on ALIEXPRESS to a ChineseNameBrand Store

    I await your response to not continue to occupy his time, Thanks …

    1. Hi,
      Sorry taking long to answer your question,
      1. Usually PMT changed can be solved by pressing firmware upgradebutton at flash tool.
      2. Explain locked means? Are stuck or same error or what i don't understand.
      3. Yes you can but usually china devices when update with international version will give LK image error om the first boot but it can be solve with flashing S032_CN then flash again with S058 or S062
      4. Same as international devices and same as above guide.

      Your phone is using china firmware modified by the store so it show that build number.

  8. My friend, you deserve 100 Points ..

    I put the S032_CN and Then the S058 and it worked … after 5 minutes my updated via OTA to the S062 … this beautiful kitkat, but I have a little problem …

    I need to be ROOT To Fix Error 0x10 WIFI NVRAM but dont understand guide "How to Root Lenovo S660 Running Android 4.4.2 KitKat" … when i press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down button, my menu is different than yours

    There is another method?


    According to your guides I update my Lenovo S660 to KITKAT S058 and then system automatically went to the S062 version, all PERFECT … BUT:

    I've noticed that every 30 minutes the screen of my phone is turned ON for 5 seconds and OFF … and sometimes reboots only …

    That be happening…?

    1. hi,
      i think it the ROM bug, and i think it still need to be fix and hopefully it will fix on S063. Bu you can try to factory reset it and see if it solve the problem, but if not then i think you will need to wait for the next update. Sorry cannot help you

  10. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I own CN device and, after reading your guide and the comments, I was able to downgrade to S032 CN Firmware and then Update firmware as you explained in the comments.
    Million times thank you!! I am so happy 🙂

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