Parrot Security OS 4.10 Linux distro released with Metasploit 6.0 and new updates


Hackers favorite Linux Distro, Parrot Security OS 4.10 released, now comes with Metasploit 6.0 and major updates to existing hacking tools

If you are a hacker or security researcher, you probably know about the most popular Linux distro for hackers – Kali Linux. However, many of you probably don’t know the second-best -Parrot Linux distro for hackers. Like Kali Linux, Parrot Linux has been a time tested Linux distro for security researchers, white hat hackers, and plain vanilla security geeks. It was initially released in June 2013, developed by FrozenBox.

Parrot Security announced the release of Parrot 4.10 with updated Metasploit exploit tool and major updates to hacking tools including running anonsurf natively.

What’s New in Parrot Security OS 4.10

First and foremost the new version of Parrot Security OS 4.10 will run on 5.7 which brings added stability and security fixes. At the top of the list of new features is Metasploit 6.0. “It is important to know that this version will break retro-compatibility with previous versions, so it is important for our users to understand what has changed in this version,” Parrot says about Metasploit 6. You can read more about Metasploit 6 here.

The Parrot OS 4.10 also features end-to-end encryption in meterpreter backdoors, which of course breaks retro-compatibility with older meterpreter payloads.  The new Parrot OS version also includes AnonSurf 3.0 tool that is available with a graphical user interface alongside the CLI. The GTK app helps to monitor Tor status, view traffic, logs, and perform actions such as start, stop, and reload.

“Anonsurf also ships with some utilities, like a CLI interface: the old famous anonsurf command, which is now an interface for the daemon instead of a standalone tool,” reads the blog post. The GUI version of the AnonSurf written in NIM, which is a blazing fast programming language very easy to write and read.

Parrot 4.10 now includes Greenbone Security Manager 11 & OpenVAS 7. It also comes with the updated KDE Konsole. There was a bug in KDE that prevented console tools to be launched from the menu. This bug was finally fixed upstream in the KDE repos, but Debian Linux has not yet delivered the updated version, so Parrot 4.10 is still affected by that.

VSCodium has been updated to latest version 1.47.3. Geany (with some Parrot customizations) is also pre-installed for those running on less powerful hardware. Parrot OS 4.10 now ships with Python 3.8, GO 1.14 and GCC 10.1, and 9.3 by default.

You can update the existing system via APT using one of the following commands:

sudo parrot-upgrade


sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

If you want a fresh install of Parrot Security OS 4.10 Linux distro, you can download it from here.


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