Over 70 adult dating websites personal user data exposed online


Security researchers claim that over 70 adult dating websites, personal user data was exposed online

The situation currently due to the Coronavirus outbreak has made the threat actors more active which has resulted in the personal details of thousands of users on adult websites have been exposed online. A new report from security researchers says that the details of users on more than 70 adult dating and some e-commerce websites from across the world have been exposed.

The research found that the websites that were the target of the hackers were using the same marketing software built by email marketing company Mailfire. “The software in question had been compromised through an unsecured Elasticsearch server, exposing people all over the world to dangers like identity theft, blackmail, and fraud,” the vpnMentor report mentioned.

It was known that since this server was insecure users around the globe were exposed to threats such as blackmail, phishing scams, fraud, or identity theft. The reports mentioned that users from more than 100 countries including Australia, Canada, France, UK, the USA, Russia, Japan, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Singapore, etc were affected.

The database that was leaked had data of more than 882GB of log files and the database was taken offline on September 3 since vpnMentor researchers tracked it down. Reports said that each of the millions of notifications contained valuable and sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data for people using the affected websites to send and receive messages.

Coming to what data was leaked in this threat, the researchers concluded that the leaked data included full names, age, and date of birth, gender, email addresses, locations of senders, IP addresses, profile pictures uploaded by users, and profile bio descriptions.

“At the beginning of our investigation, the server’s database was storing 882.1 GB of data from the previous four days, containing over 370 million records for 66 million individual notifications sent in just 96 hours. This is an absolutely massive amount of data to be stored in the open, and it kept growing. Tens-of-millions of new records were uploaded to the server via new indices each day we were investigating it.”

vpnMentor research team

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