OnePlus’ most expensive Android smartphone OnePlus 8 Pro have a green tint bug


OnePlus 8 Pro the US$1000 (Rs.75,000) Android smartphone may be suffering from a green tint display bug

Last month, we had the ultra-high ended Samsung Galaxy S20 users reporting a display glitch of green tint on their smartphones. Samsung said that it was a software issue and was issuing a fix. Now we have the most expensive smartphone from the OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone maker company stable reporting a similar problem.

The recently launched OnePlus 8 Pro which is a $1000(Rs.75,000) Android smartphone is giving its buyers nightmares because of a green tint problem. Several OnePlus 8 Pro users have complained on the OnePlus Forum and Reddit that the smartphone is having display problems just days after they purchased it.

We would remind readers that OnePlus 8 Pro features a 6.78-inch QHD+ AMOLED display that has a whopping 120 Hz refresh rate and can hit a maximum of 1,300 nits of brightness. The OnePlus 8 Pro is also the first smartphone with a 10-bit display capable of displaying all 1 billion colors. Seems like the same refresh rate is causing the problems for the recent OnePlus 8 Pro buyers.

Green tint and black crush issues with OnePlus 8 Pro display

OnePlus 8 buyers have described facing the green screen or green tint and black crush issues in their OnePlus 8 Pro. Apparently, the OnePlus 8 users are reporting green tint issue when using :

  • 120 Hz display
  • Dark Theme

If you own an OnePlus 8 Pro Android smartphone, you can reproduce the black crush with viewing a Netflix series: Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 1. At 32:20 you will notice the black crush present even if you have low or high brightness.

Reddit user “youpie123” wrote on the r/OnePlus subreddit, “I have a slight green smudge on the top left of my screen at low brightness that make blacks look dark green and all other colors look awful. DC dimming fixes the issue. Some posters are reporting a smartphone screen burn in.

What is Screen Burn-In?

Another user mentioned says that “when the display is at 120 Hz and the brightness is low at around 5 to 15 percent, the dark apps with a slightly higher level of black (say 0x 070707) has very inconsistent coloring. the edges seem darker and the whole background seems nonuniform. When I change the mode to 60hz, all that is miraculous gone. consistent coloring.”

Most users have complained that they are experiencing a green tint and uneven color visibility on the phone’s screen. This Reddit thread details what the recent OnePlus 8 Pro buyers had to say.

What is Screen Burn-In?

Screen burn-in is a noticeable discoloration or ghosting of a previous image on a digital display. It’s caused by the regular use of certain pixels more than others, leaving them to display colors slightly differently. The end result is a noticeable and often permanent impression on the display.

Fix for OnePlus 8 Pro black crush and green tint problem

Some users have mentioned that the issues get resolved automatically once they turn on the DC Dimming feature in the settings. Others claimed switching to a traditional 60 Hz refresh rate also appears to solve the issue. While some claim not using the Dark Mode can solve it.

It looks like the OnePlus 8 Pro display issues are similar to Samsung Galaxy S20 and can be resolved with a software fix. The company has acknowledged one user’s complaint and has said that they are working to fix the faulty display in OnePlus 8 Pro.


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