OnePlus decides to disable OnePlus 8 Pro’s “See Through” camera feature


OnePlus decides to disable “See Through” bug in OnePlus 8 Pro after security and privacy  issues

Around two weeks back smartphone users especially the new buyers of OnePlus’ latest Android smartphone OnePlus 8 Pro were surprised to find that they could use the smartphone camera to see through clothes and plastics.

The feature or bug uses the quad-camera setup of OnePlus 8 Pro’s Photochrom mode to display images seen through clothes and plastic. It happens because the color filter sensor is capable of seeing through objects that have no IR shielding. Initially, OnePlus 8 Pro buyers mistook it for an added feature. However, OnePlus clarified it is actually a bug and the company has decided to disable it citing privacy infringement concerns.

The bug or feature cause some outcry among users after it was indicated that it could be used for explicit purposes after some users claimed they could use it to see through clothes. Some researchers tested the OnePlus Pro 8’s Photochrom and found that they could see through gadgets but it didn’t make clothes see-through. Whatever the case may be, the issue raised heckles for OnePlus who immediately promised to look into the issue.

Now, OnePlus has announced that it will temporarily disable the “see-through” feature of OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera. Announcing it in a Weibo post, OnePlus has apologized for the unintended feature and has said it will roll out an update in the Chinese region within a week to disable the camera feature.

Geskin even posted a video of his tests

OnePlus made the decision to fix the feature or the bug as they call it as it could be misused to invade the privacy of individuals. The upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro update will disable the feature. If you wish to continue with the feature, you did better switch off updating the smartphone or install a custom ROM on your OnePlus 8 Pro Android smartphone.


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