One Netbook launches a 7-inch mini-laptop with a backlit keyboard, 4G LTE and 5G network connectivity


One Netbook launches a 7-inch mini-laptop One GX with a backlit keyboard, 4G LTE and 5G network connectivity

The One-GX pocket gaming laptop project has been known about since November last year but the firm is constantly teasing new features of this UMPC via its official Twitter account and in interviews with various tech sites. Some of the most interesting information about the One-GX was shared last November in the PC Watch Japan interview with the President and Vice President of One-Netbook.

The One GX is designed to be a handheld gaming computer, and later this year One Netbook plans to ship a model with an Intel Tiger Lake processor and Intel Xe graphics. But Tiger Lake chips aren’t ready to go yet, so the company plans to begin shipping a less powerful version in August. Now let’s take a look at all the features of the One-GX mini laptop.

Feature of One-GX mini Laptop

  • It will feature a second-gen 10nm Tiger Lake Y processor
  • A 7-inch screen is equipped, the resolution isn’t set in stone as yet (768p, 1080p, or 1200p)
  • The keyboard will perform better than GPD competitor
  • It will feature Nintendo Switch like detachable 2.4GHz rechargeable controllers with force feedback
  • 5G network connectivity
  • A 10,000mAh battery is on board

The One GX also sports 4 Detachable Handles that are Palm mode, TV mode, 2 player mode, and Desktop mode. Take a look of the Detachable Handles in the below image:

One GX mini laptop


The One GX will be up for pre-order on June 29th, it’ll have a 7 watt Intel Core i5-10210Y quad-core processor with Intel UHD graphics. But it’ll also be available with something you don’t often find on mini-laptops: support for cellular networks.

In particular, the managers will not use Ice Lake Y for the first One Netbook gaming portable as they said that “in our internal testing, we found that the Ice Lake Y GPU would not have sufficient GPU performance unless the TDP was set to 25W.” Ice Lake Y is also suffering from supply issues, with Apple and Microsoft easting up the processors, and even giant OEMs like Lenovo finding it hard to get these parts said the One Netbook team.

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