Now you can lock your lost or stolen Samsung smartphone/tablet without Internet


Here is how you can lock your stolen/lost Samsung smartphone/tablet even without Internet using new Find My Mobile feature

Losing a smartphone is a very sad sob story for all of us. Not only do we lose the smartphone, but also contacts, messages, images, videos, and everything that was stored on the smartphone. Over the years, Android smartphone manufacturers have given features like remote smartphone tracking, remote deletion of data, remote encryption, and even remote locking to help Android smartphone owners to track the phone or delete the data. But using these features requires that the stolen phone connected to the Internet. Nowadays thieves are smart. Immediately after stealing the smartphone, they switch off the Wi-Fi and mobile data and do a factory reset to the smartphone leaving little chance for it to be tracked.

Samsung has been offering a feature called Find My Mobile to Samsung smartphone and tablet buyers who have had their smartphone/tablet stolen or lost. Earlier this feature used to work only if the stolen smartphone was connected to the Internet but now the South Korean smartphone maker has introduced a new offline tracking feature that will help Samsung smartphone owners to track the phone/lock the phone or delete data on the phone remotely.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature can now work even if the stolen/lost smartphone you are searching for is offline. For example, if your phone has been stolen and the thief has turned off your data and WiFi feature – you will still be able to track down your phone. The new offline tracking feature is currently available in the latest version of the Find My Mobile app

The new Find My Mobile Offline tracking feature on Samsung now works with the help of phones and tablets which are nearby – Samsung Galaxy devices that have the feature enabled can now scan the area for other devices as well. They can also now report the location of a lost phone or a tablet or even Samsung Smartwatches and earbuds as long as they are able to ping the data.

The new feature depends on lots of people having smartphones residing in the area where your smartphone was stolen/lost. The feature may not work optimally in areas with a lesser density of population. Samsung is sending push notifications to all Samsung smartphone users to update their Find My Mobile version to unable offline tracking.

How to enable offline tracking

At present, the feature is only available for the Samsung Galaxy brand of smartphones. The feature is not yet available for users in India but it will be deployed very soon.

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy device, go to Settings.
  2. In the Search option, type Find my Mobile.
  3. The search results should show up, once, inside the window, you can see an option to Turn on offline location encryption. Switch on the toggle.

That’s it! Next time if unfortunately your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is stolen/lost, you can log on to the Find My Mobile website with your Samsung credentials and try to locate it even it is offline.


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