Now use Android 11’s new media controls on any Android Smartphone


Now you can use the new media controls deployed in Android 11 on any Android Smartphone version

Android developers have been working very hard to provide users with the best features and updates. With the Android 11 Beta 3 update, Google has introduced multiple changes and new features. The particular update was the last update before the public release of the Android version 11. The new update of media playback places notifications in a dedicated section underneath the Quick Settings. This feature can also store up to 5 previous media sessions if supported by the app.

With the new Android version 11, the new media controls will be displayed right next to the other settings in Android’s pull-down quick setting shade. The feature is enabled by default on Android 11. So if you are running an Android Smartphone lower then that then you won’t be able to use it. The new media playback feature of Android 11 is something that users are very excited to get it on their Smartphone. So why to wait for your Android Smartphone to get to Android 11 when you can use the feature on any Android version.

Screenshot Image

The above screenshot shows that you can jump one part to another part of the media from the notification panel itself. This is the new media playback control introduced in Android 11. So let’s take a look at how you can use this feature on any of your Android smartphones running below Android 11.

How to use Android 11 new Media playback control on any Android version?

To use the new Media playback feature you need to download the Powe Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings app from the Google Play Store

Download Power Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings from Play Store


  1. After installing, open the app.
  2. You need to grant the three permissions asked.
  3. After giving all the permissions, you need to toggle the slider ‘Running’. This will enable the Power Shade.
  4. Now you can set custom layouts, colors, edge triggers, etc as per your requirements.
  5. Now open the Music player app and play any song.
  6. Now open the Android’s notification panel, and you will see Android 11 type new media control UI.
  7. Now control your song the way you want.

This is how you can use the new media playback control of Android 11 on any Android version smartphone. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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