Now connect your smartphone to a PC and control it with keyboard and mouse by using Mirroid


Use Mirroid to connect your smartphone to a PC and control it with keyboard and mouse

In the current, technological era, you will find multiple ways of connecting and using your Smartphone with a PC. We have multiple emulators that allow users to use and control their smartphones using a PC. Today we are going to introduce you to another application that can fulfill your all demands.

Mirroid, a PC application that reflects the mobile screen on the computer and best of all it allows us to control it with a keyboard and mouse. There are also Android emulators, which serve to run Android within Windows, but they consume a lot of resources and are focused on developers. An interesting thing about Mirroid is that it performs a mirroring, that is to say, It shows the screen of your mobile on the monitor or screen of your PC, but allows you to control it with the keyboard and mouse.

The advantage of this approach is that since it is not an emulator but a simple mirror function, it consumes much fewer resources, and there is almost nothing to configure. Just connect the mobile to the computer, using a USB cable.

The Mirroid is lite and no lag application as it allows you to play mobile games on PC without lags and taking up too many CPU and RAM. By using Mirroid it is Risk-free for getting banned by games. Mirroid is Easy to use, as you just need to connect your phone to the computer, then you are all set. All the functions in Mirroid are practical and understandable.

By using Mirroid the mobile can be controlled with keyboard and mouse so it offers many advantages over finger control. We can play mobile games as if they were PC games, and in the case of shooters, with much more precision when aiming. Also, when using your own mobile phone and not an emulator, you will not be kicked out of the games.

It can also be useful when edit photos or videoBecause the mouse and the big screen offer more precision. And everything we do will be inside the mobile, so it is ideal for editing video for social networks.

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