Norweigian Shipyard, VARD shut down with ransomware, lays off thousands of Norway workers


Norweigian Shipyard, VARD suffers a ransomware attack and has to layoff thousands of Norway’s shipyard workers

Same old story, different headline. A ransomware attack on Norway’s top shipbuilders, VARD has forced them to stop operations and lay off thousands of Norweigian workers. Norway is a sea-based activity nation and the lockdown of VARD Shipyard will affect thousands of ordinary Norway dock workers.

According to Norway newspapers, VARD shipyard with a ransomware attack last month. The hackers also got access to the internal servers of VARD and managed to steal confidential information from the servers. VARD has not yet been able to deal with the ransomware infecting its servers totally bringing down its shipyards based in various ports in Norway. It has already started sending pink slips to dock workers through text messages informing them about their layoffs.

VARD officials said that the ransomware attack has been notified to the Norway police and the official cybersecurity agency, Kripos, is investigating into the matter. As of now the VARD shipyard services remain crippled. VARD says that the dockworkers’ layoffs might be limited to the Vard’s Langsten shipbuilding unit and might last for a few weeks to a month till the issue is resolved.

It is relevant to note that VARD has been going through financial difficulties and the Italian shipbuilder, Fincantieri has invested a substantial amount to bring it back to life. This ransomware attack may put off the Fincantieri efforts to turn around VARD into profits. VARD shipyard specializes in sophisticated fishing vessels and Wind Farm service operation vessels.


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