NortonLifeLock releases beta version of BotsSight tool which detects bots on twitter


NortonLifeLock released a beta version of a browser extension which allows you to detect bots on twitter

BotSight was created by the NortonLifeLock Research Group, formerly known as Symantec Research Labs — the NortonLifeLock brand was created after Symantec sold its enterprise security unit and Symantec brand to Broadcom for $10.7 billion.

BotSight is currently released on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium-based Brave. The tool is only available for users in the UK, US, New Zealand, and Australia. The developers of the BotSight also said that they will release a mobile app and support for Microsoft Edge soon.

According to NortonLifeLock, BotSight uses more than 20 features to determine if a Twitter account is a bot, including the account name and description, and its follower increase rate. The BotSight tool uses a machine learning model to detect Twitter Bots, which it describes as a research prototype.

After downloading and installing BotSight on your system you will see a percentage and green, yellow, or red icon next to the name of each profile, including ones mentioned in a tweet. This icon indicates the amount of human activity exists on the account.

You can download BotSight extension for Google Chrome form here

In our analysis of recent coronavirus-related tweets, we found that between 6-18% of users tweeting on this subject were bots, depending on which time period we sampled, while a random sample of the Twitter stream indicates 4-8% bot activity by volume over the same time period. This contrast shows that bots are strategic about their behavior: favoring current events to maximize their impact,

said Daniel Kats, principal researcher at the NortonLifeLock Research Group.


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