Node.Js team release Deno 1.0, a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript


Deno 1.0: Node.js makers release the new JavaScript and TypeScript runtime to correct design mistakes in Node.js

The Node.js team today announced the launch of its new runtime called Deno 1.0 for JavaScript and TypeScript. The makers of the hugely popular Node.js stated that Deno 1.0 addresses “design mistakes” in Node.js. Deno 1.0 runtime has been in works for over two years with Node.js creator Ryan Dahl leading the team.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and is used by every web developer. It is the most versatile programming language which can be used in any device with a web browser. Most developers use Node.js runtime for JavaScript in their codes. Dahl says he started working on Deno 1.0 as the JavaScript being used today is very different than it was in 2009 when he designed Node.js. For example, at the time of Node.js creation JavaScript did not yet have Promises or async/await, which Deno takes into account. Dahl also says that Node.js had become difficult to update given its popularity.

Here is a video explaining why Dahl felt he should start Deno 1.0

What’s new in Deno 1.0 runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript?

Unlike Node.js, Deno 1.0 supports both JavaScript and its rival Typescript. TypeScript is Microsoft’s answer to JavaScript and can be used for extra-large projects.

Deno 2.0 is based on Google’s Chromium V8 JavaScript engine and written in programming language Rust. The Node.js was written in classical C++. The Deno core is written in Rust, and Deno 1.0’s main component is the Deno command line interface (CLI).

With the changing JavaScript language, and new additions like TypeScript, building Node projects can become an arduous endeavor, involving managing build systems and other heavy-handed tooling that takes away from the fun of dynamic language scripting. “Furthermore the mechanism for linking to external libraries is fundamentally centralized through the NPM repository, which is not in line with the ideals of the web”

Ryan Dahl in a blogpost

Deno is available as a single executable with no dependencies. It can, for example, be downloaded via PowerShell ( iwr -useb | iex ), Chocolatey ( choco install deno ), Scoop ( scoop install deno ), or as a binary from GitHub.


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