New Vivaldi Browser 3.3 released for PC/Laptops running on Linux, Windows, and macOS


Vivaldi Browser 3.3 for Linux, Windows, and macOS comes with new features like Break Mode which allows you to pause/hide all tabs with short key and other features

Vivaldi browser is the unsung hero among all the browsers. It comes with an insane amount of customization options out of the box that if you are a Vivaldi user, you would its fan for life. The Vivaldi dev team has released the Vivaldi browser version 3.3 for all supported desktop platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS.

The new Vivaldi browser adds even more customizations to suit your browsing habits. The new Vivaldi 3.3 comes with a new Break Mode which helps users to take a complete break from the Internet, This is especially helpful for users who are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Break Mode in Vivaldi 3.3 can be enabled by pressing a short key CTR+ or by clicking the pause button available at the left corner of the status bar. The Break Mode completely mutes and stop all HTML5 audio and videos, hide tabs, panels, and the other content on the screen.

It is also helpful for privacy concerned users to hide tabs if somebody unwanted enters the room or office. “Once the browser is paused, you can interact with the physical world – communicate with colleagues or loved ones, make a phone call, jot down those creative ideas on a piece of paper, exercise, take a power nap, or grab a cup of coffee in peace,” the Vivaldi says. “When ready, you can resume your browsing activity exactly where you left off. Press play to unpause the browser via Break Mode – everything will be visible again and audios/videos will restart,” it adds.

Vivaldi 3.3 also introduces theme support for private windows. Nearly all browsers Incognito or private windows have a drab color making the private window look ugly. Vivaldi changes that. “In addition to the brand-new blurple (a steady mix of blue and purple colors) as a default, you can also set unique custom Themes for Private Window(s) – something no other browser offers. Or else, you can go for matching Themes for both window types if that fits your workflow better,” Vivaldi says.

From a security point of view, Vivaldi 3.3 browser now comes with base domain highlighting, which is an incredibly easy tool to spot fake websites trying to mimic others. For example, if cybercriminals direct you to a cloned a Facebook website using a URL like, Vivaldi will highlight and let you know you are on a malicious website. A warning is also displayed if the address bar has been resized and seeing the base domain is more difficult.

Vivaldi 3.3 also comes with clickable parts in the URL bar which means you can just click the part of the URL you would like to visit. “One standout feature is the addition of highlighted, clickable parts to the URLs – a unique functionality – these can be easily cropped by pressing CTRL (Cmd/⌘ on macOS) and clicking. When holding CTRL while hovering in the URL field, you can see clearly where the URL will be cut. This allows you to rapidly move up directories and to new locations.”

Other updated features in Vivaldi 3.3 include full-page blocking support and drag and drop speed dials for folders.

If you would like to try out the Vivaldi 3.3 Browser, you can download it from here for your chosen operating system.


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