New Tesla Semi spotted transporting Tesla cars to showrooms and its awesome


New Tesla Semi prototype spotted transporting Tesla Model S cars to showrooms and it is beautiful

Even if you are not a Tesla fan, you have to hand it to Elon Musk and Tesla Motors for doing things differently. Who would have thought that in 2020 we would have an electric driven truck delivering electric cars to showrooms? This happened Fremont in California when a Tesla fan spotted a Red Tesla Semi delivering Tesla cars to showrooms.

Tesla’s new Semi is simply awesome. It is being used for Tesla car deliveries as Tesla Motors has been facing issues supplying cars to customers due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. It is reported that Tesla has to deliver up to 10,000 cars by the end of June to meet the delivery deadlines but it has not been able to find a suitable transporter. CEO Elon Musk even tweeted about the delivery issues and apologized to Tesla car buyers for rescheduling delivery dates.

The new Tesla Semi seems to be Musk’s answer to the Tesla car delivery problems and the solution is simply brilliant. Alex who is a mod at r/planetside and also a chemist was surprised to find the beautiful Tesla semi being used transport the Tesla cars. He immediately took a picture and tweeted about it. Too bad he didn’t click the whole thing. 

Tesla Semi has been in the works for a while now. In 2019, Tesla had announced the electric truck to reduce its transportation costs but the launch was delayed.  Now coronavirus pandemic seems to a perfect launchpad for the Tesla Semis. Recently Elon Musk had said that “it’s time to bring Tesla Semi to volume production” and the Fremont delivery seems to be a result of that.

It’s awesome to see an electric driven truck deliver electric cars to customers.


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