New security feature in WhatsApp will not allow you to take screenshots


Next WhatsApp messaging App update will not allow users to take screenshots, allow users to use separate wallpaper for each chat

WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular cross-platform instant messaging app for both iPhones and Android smartphones. It has many security features like end-to-end encryption, single-user per mobile number, etc. However, WhatsApp is are constantly releasing new updates and features either to make it easier to use or aiming to strengthen the privacy of its users. The latest update in WhatsApp will no longer allow users to take screenshots.

Many users may not like this feature but WhatsApp says that the feature is designed so that users can keep their conversations private. The feature will prevent your WhatsApp contacts from saving a picture of their chats.  It also will stop others from taking screenshots of unattended smartphones/iPhones.

Such features are normally available in banking Apps to prevent users or others from taking screenshots of the financial transactions. Just like these banking Apps, future versions of WhatsApp will prevent users of WhatsApp will now not be able to take screenshots of their private chats.

The future versions of WhatsApp for Android will also give you the ability to add different wallpapers to different chats. At present, you can add only one wallpaper to your WhatsApp chat screen.

These updates could land on your iPhone/Android smartphone next week. According to WhatsApp watchers, updates from the Facebook-owned platform could start next week.


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