New leak shows the Apple’s iPhone 12 to be just like iPhone 4 only bigger


Leaked molds show that Apple’s iPhone 12 to be released in September could just like iPhone 4, only bigger

As is the ritual every year in September, Apple’s new iPhone unveiling will take place, and before that leaks and rumors circulate building the hype around the iPhone. This year, Apple says it has taken every precaution to prevent serial leakers from getting any images or videos of the yet to be launched iPhone 12 but still, we got this:

The leak comes from the Twitter account of the CEO of Jin Store, an iPhone reseller in Auckland, New Zealand. The tweet claims the images to be of iPhone 12 molds, which although they don’t reveal anything worthwhile, they do point us in the direction of the iPhone 12’s design.

If you look at the molds closely you will find that they resemble the iPhone 4, Apple released in 2010. If the mold images are taken with a pinch of salt, it could mean that Apple’s latest iPhone 12 seems to be inspired by iPhone 4 but only be much bigger.

iPhone 4 like-design for iPhone 12

If the molds posted by Jin CEO are true then it could mean two things. One, Apple is bankrupt of ideas and hence going back to the tried and tested iPhone 4 design. The second reason could be the coronavirus pandemic may have hit Apple just to hard to prevent it from coming up with something more novel.

The molds show that the forthcoming Apple iPhone 12 could feature flat edges along the sides just like the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 was a cult classic that in someways made Apple the company that it is today. iPhone 4 was Apple’s bestseller for 15 long months before Apple released a clone iPhone called 4s. Such was iPhone 4’s success that it had over 600,000 pre-orders within 24 hours after Apple announced the launch. Heck, it was even taken to space by astronauts.

Apple fanbois loved iPhone 4 so as said above, Apple may have decided to copy the design for its forthcoming Apple 12. One thing is for sure if the Apple iPhone 12 is just like Apple iPhone 4 that does not mean it will be small. It will be big and come in 3 display sizes.

Do remember, that not all tweets are true and not all images are fake. Take this news with a bit of skepticism. But many Apple fanbois do believe that the molds present a true picture of the next iPhone 12 from Apple.


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