New Jersey man hired a hitman on dark web to kill a 14 year-old child


New Jersey man charged with attempting to hire a hitman for $20,000 in bitcoins on dark web marketplace to kill a 14-year-old boy for outing him

We all know that you can buy almost anything dark on the dark web market places. These market places sell hacks and exploits, stolen credit cards/email ids, drugs, banned chemicals, guns and other black-market goods. A Jersey Man used this anonymity feature of the dark web marketplace to buy the services of a hitman to kill a child.

John Michael Musbach, a citizen of New Jersey been charged with trying to hire a hitman on the dark web marketplace to kill a child as revenge for outing him and sending him to prison. Musbach was arrested on Thursday for allegedly paying $20,000 in bitcoins to have a 14-year-old victim murdered. The 31-year-old Haddonfield resident was charged with one count of murder-for-hire.

The charge sheet filed against Musbach doesn’t name the child as he is underage. The Justice Department says that Musbach exchanged sexually explicit images with the kid. According to court documents, Musbach began communicating with his victim in the summer of 2015 through an Internet Relay Chat website. Using the IRC, Musbach requested and received sexually explicit videos and photographs of his victim. Musbach also sent indecent images and videos of himself to the victim.

The documents say that the victim’s parents found the messages on his computer in September 2015 and contacted the police. The police launched an investigation and identified Musbach as the perpetrator. He was arrested in March 2016 on charges relating to child sexual abuse images. During a search of Musbach’s residence, officers seized a cell phone and a laptop provided to Musbach by his then-employer, a cloud hosting company.

During the trial, the judge gave Musbach a two-year suspended sentence with parole supervision for life after he pleaded guilty in October 2017 to endangering the welfare of a child (the victim) by sexual contact.

Musbach seemed to hold the victim responsible for revealing his identity and the arrest. After he served his sentence, he contacted a contract hitman on a dark web market place. An informant for the Homeland Security Investigation revealed to the investigators about the dark web messages exchange between Musbach and a fraudulent murder-for-hire website that operated on the dark web.

These messages reveal that Musbach contacted the probable hitman on the dark web website using the alias Agentisai in 2016. In one of the early messages, Musbach asked if a 14-year-old was too young to kill. The hitman assured Musbach that the hit was acceptable after which Musbach paid around 40 Bitcoin (approximately $20,000) for the hit.

Thankfully for the child victim, the dark web marketplace was a fraud as court documents show that Musbach repeatedly messaged the website’s administrator to ask when the hit would occur and they dilly-dallied. The website even asked Musbach for an additional $5,000 if he wanted to carry out the hit urgently. At one point in time, Musbach tried to cancel the hit contract and asked for a refund.

The Department of Justice said: “Agents were able to confirm Musbach’s identity through several means, including linking him to the same screen name he used to communicate with the murder-for-hire website and also by tracing the flow of monies from Musbach’s bank account to the purchase of Bitcoin used to pay for the hit.”

If convicted, Musbach could face 10 years behind bars plus a hefty fine.


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