New bug spotted in Fortnite forces company to disable the ability to travel with secret passages


A new bug spotted in Fortnite forces the company to disable the ability to travel with secret passages

Fortnite is no stranger to bugs some of them are more game-breaking than others. Bugs come in two forms: exploits and issues. Sometimes, bugs happen randomly. Other times, players trigger a bug through an action or game mechanic. This is the second time in two days that Fortnite players have been facing bugs. A couple of days ago we reported a new Glitch in Fortnite that allowed to revive teammates in just 5 Frames.

Introduced a few months ago with Chapter 2 Season 1, the secret passages have all been disabled by Epic Games. Victims of an unresolved bug, they’re no longer usable in Fortnite until everything is back to normal.

Due to an issue, we’re temporarily disabled the ability to travel with secret passages. We’ll provide an update when the issue is resolved.


The Secret Passages are found at the five new locations in Fortnite. These include The Shark, The Grotto, The Agency, The Rig, and The Yacht. These places are hidden in dumpsters and ordinary-looking toilets across the map and allow players to magically get to another location on the map immediately after they hide inside. Epic Games had also introduced a challenge in Season 2 which tasked players with using secret passages in different matches.

These secret passages aren’t totally broken. They remain open and offer a potential hiding place. Only, they no longer allow you to teleport… In a way, they become ordinary toilets again.

It is unclear that what bug has been forcing the company to temporarily disable the ability to travel with secret passages. One thing is certain, it will temporarily impact players in their looting route and rotations. The company has also not stated how long it will take to fix the bug and enable the secret passages.

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