New bug discovered in Google Voice app mismanages calls for some users


Google reports a new bug that affects inbound calls by not ringing or rings twice in the Google Voice app

If you have an Android One smartphone or you use Google Voice app on your Android or Apple smartphone then you must have experienced this new bug reported by Google. “A new bug is impacting inbound Google Voice calls to the Android or iOS mobile app clients and linked forwarding numbers, causing either double rings or no rings.” Google.

Google Voice gives you a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers and syncs across your devices so you can use the app in the office, at home, or on the go.

According to the report, it is known that when the users have set the app’s “Making and receiving calls” setting to “Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data”, the users may have faced a weird issue while the inbound call arrives, the Google Voice notification or app pops up for a second before disappearing, or only its notification bar icon may appear, and then close, preventing the user from answering the call.

Here are the issues that are listed by Google that the users may face:

  • In some instances, after the above happens, the call may ring again, via the linked carrier phone number.
  • In some instances, inbound calls may ring properly on WiFi but not on LTE data, or vice versa.
  • On iPhones, the user may see a mysterious pop-up, displaying the Google Voice green icon with the phrase “Google Voice audio” or the Hangouts green icon with “Hangouts audio”.
  • This can also cause the other app clients or phone numbers linked to a Google Voice number to have the same problem.

Meanwhile, the company said that the issue is mainly found on iPhone device but some Android smartphones are also affected. Google said that the issue is originated from the core of the app’s infrastructure and will take more time than usual to fix the bug as it is complex.

Google also provided some workarounds that can avoid the mismanaging of the Google Voice app, below are the listed partial fix for the issue:

  • If you have the mobile Hangouts app for Android installed, open the Hangouts app, tap the three horizontal bar, “Hamburger” menu icon, then tap “Settings“, then tap your account name (Gmail address). Tap “Incoming calls“, then toggle that setting off (gray). If you’re using the mobile Hangouts app for iOS, tap the hamburger icon, then tap your phone number, then tap “Incoming phone calls“, then toggle that setting off (gray).
  • If you have the mobile Google Voice app for Android or iOS installed, open the app, tap the menu icon, tap “Settings“, scroll down to the “CALLS” section, tap “Making and receiving calls“, and finally, change this setting to “Use carrier only“. Warning: this will use your mobile carrier’s voice telephone service. Depending on your carrier plan, you may incur charges for these calls, especially for international calls.

You can use the above workarounds to stop facing the issue. The company will release an update as soon as the bug is fixed. To stay updated on tech and cybersecurity news subscribe to our newsletter from here.


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