Netflix is giving free access to its content on Android and Desktop version but not for iPhones


Netflix is allowing non-subscribers to watch limited TV shows and movies for free on Windows/Mac desktop, Android smartphones, iPads; feature not available for iPhone users

Movies and TV show streaming service provider, Netflix is now allowing non-subscribers to watch Netflix original series and movies for free without creating a Netflix account. Netflix has announced that users can watch selected movies and TV shows for free without creating an account or paying money.

Netflix added that the new feature is available for Android smartphone and tablet users as well as through desktop on Windows/macOS run PC/laptops and MacBooks. However, for some reason, iPhone users can’t access the free content though iPad users can. Even if you open the Netflix free content website on your iPhone, you will unable to use the limited free access.

Netflix Representative confirmed the development saying, “You can watch select Netflix Original movies and TV episodes online for free, and without creating a Netflix account, by using a computer or Android device (iOS browsers are not supported).”

Netflix’s limited free access gives free access variety of original programming and was first spotted by tech website, OnlyTech. Though users can watch content for free, Netflix is offering only the first episode of the series for free, If you want to watch more episodes you have to sign up and subscribe to the platform. However, users can watch Netflix’s original movies without any underlying conditions and Netflix will be offering new movies every time you start the streaming service.

Netflix is giving limited free access to its TV shows like “Stranger Things,” “Murder Mystery,” “Élite,” “Boss Baby: Back in Business,” “Bird Box,” “When They See Us,” “Love Is Blind,” “The Two Popes,” “Our Planet,” and “Grace and Frankie.”

This is a marketing strategy by Netflix to get more users hooked to its content. Netflix has discontinued the 30 free trial for new subscribers.


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