Mysterious bug in Windows 10 crashes your laptop when you open and close the lid


Bug in Microsoft DirectX Video Memory Management causes Windows 10 to shut down if you open and close your laptop lid

Windows 10 laptop owners are faced with a unique bug. If they close and open their laptop lids, they find that their Windows 10 laptop has shut down automatically. This mysterious bug in  Windows 10 bug exists in the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM). Apparently, the DWN stops responding when a laptop lid is opened or closed repeatedly. It seems as though once the DWN stops responding, the laptop automatically shuts down.

Microsoft in its security bulletin says that the automatic laptop shutdown is caused by a bug in the Microsoft DirectX Video Memory Management.

“This problem occurs because of an issue in the Microsoft DirectX Video Memory Management (Dxgmms2.sys) component.”

Microsoft Support

It seems that the Dxgmms2 bug is a software flaw and can be patched through Windows 10 update. However, Microsoft has not promised any patch to fix this bug.

The flaw is triggered when Windows 10 laptop user repeatedly opens or closes the lid of a laptop. The bug is also triggered when the laptop is being docked or undocked with an external monitor. The rapid change in configuration triggers the DWM.exe process to stop responding and crashes the system.

Scenarios that trigger the Windows 10 laptop shutdown bug

Microsoft said that the Windows 10 bug is triggered by two confirmed instances.

In one instance, it is triggered when users repeatedly close and open the laptop lid when playing a 4K video. It can be fixed by setting the Lid Close Action as Do Nothing. You can access this setting in the Windows 10 control panel or type Change What Lid Closing Does in the search tab. You can then go to the third option in the When I close the lid and choose Do Nothing.

The bug is also triggered when the Windows 10 laptop user tries to connect two 4K displays using Thunderbolt 3 docks. The bug can also be triggered if the Windows 10 user repeatedly docks and undocks the laptop.

The bug is fixed by rebooting your Windows 10 laptop or avoiding closing and opening the laptop lid repeatedly. Microsoft said that it is working on a software patch to fix the issue but since this is a trivial bug don’t expect a patch soon.


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