MozWire open-source tool enables Mozilla VPN on your Linux and macOS PC/laptops


MozWire open-source tool enables you to run the Mozilla VPN on your Linux, Windows 10, and macOS run PC/laptops/MacBooks

Mozilla launched its own VPN service called Mozilla VPN back in July 2020 but it is at present only available for Windows 10 PC/laptops and Android smartphones. Mozilla Foundation had at that time stated that they are working on the macOS and Linux version of the VPN and it would be released at a later date.

Mozilla did not provide specific details about when the Mozilla VPN will be available for macOS and Linux distros so a developer went ahead and built a tool that helps Linux and macOS PC/laptops/MacBook owners run Mozilla VPN on their devices

MozWire is an open-source tool developed by Nils André, the Google Code-in 2019 Winner, and BAFTA YGD 2019 Finalist. The tool is an open-source project and available on GitHub. MozWire tool is written in Rust and the current stable released version is 0.5.1.

Users can use Mozilla VPN through MozWire tool on Linux distros, macOS, and even Windows 10 on which Mozilla VPN is already available for a limited number of regions. André says that the MozWire is aimed at all platforms. “MozWire is an unofficial cross-platform client for MozillaVPN, finally giving Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and others (all platforms supporting the WireGuard protocol) users access to this VPN provider. MozWire also supports Windows,” the MozWire GitHub description says. 

How to use Mozilla VPN via the MozWire tool?

If you are interested in using the Mozilla VPN on your Linux run PC/laptop or your MacBook, do remember that the Mozilla VPN is a paid App and will cost your $4.99 a month. You have to sign up for Mozilla VPN on their website and generate a token to use the MozWire tool. If you are interested, you will find all on the MozWire tool’s GitHub page here.

You will find MozWire tool quite interesting because it contains many features that even the official Mozilla VPN doesn’t have. One feature is support for multihop servers which Mozilla VPN currently doesn’t have. MozWire also offers user’s the opportunity to choose the remote port and make it easy to bypass firewalls. Additionally, MozWire also supports native WireGuard clients that are available on the platforms where the app is deployed. The MozWire tool is a work in progress and you may find some bugs in the tool.

MozWire tool works with Mozilla VPN on all platforms like Linux, macOS and Windows 10. At present, the Mozilla VPN is available only to Windows 10 and Android users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia so you can use the MozWire tool if Mozilla VPN is not available in your country.

If you wish to collaborate or relicense the MozWire tool, you can reach André here.


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