Mozilla VPN to cost $5 a month for Android smartphone and Windows 10 PC/laptop users


Mozilla VPN launched for Android smartphones/tablets and Windows 10 PC/laptops for $5 a month

Mozilla’s virtual private network (VPN) service is now moving out of beta to a full release. Accordingly, the company has released the Mozilla VPN for Windows 10 PC/laptops and Android smartphones. The Mozilla VPN is currently available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand as of now. Mozilla said that it will roll out the VPN to additional markets later this year.

Mozilla VPN is nothing but Mozilla’s browser-based Firefox Private Network which the company launched in September 2020. During the beta testing it was called Firefox Private Network but in June, Mozilla announced that it will be rebranded as Mozilla VPN and will be a paid App.

Now, Mozilla VPN is officially launched and it will cost the user $5 per month. Mozilla VPN doesn’t use its own servers but uses servers operated by Mullvad, a commercial open-source VPN service based in Sweden. Mullvad is a well known VPN service that has a “no-logging” policy. It doesn’t record or user’s IP address, browsing activity, session duration, timestamp, DNS request, or similar data points.

Mozilla will be using Mullvad’s lightweight WireGuard protocol which should make it a bit faster than other VPNs available in the market. The timing of Mozilla VPN’s commercial launch is significant as during the coronavirus pandemic, the VPN usage has surged due to the corporate work for home policy. The company says it will cater to individual users as well.

You can download the Mozilla VPN for your Android smartphone from here.


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