Mozilla is now charging for using the Firefox Private Network browser extension


Mozilla starts charging for Firefox Private Network browser extension at  $2.99 per month

After allowing users to use its Firefox Private Network browser extension for free, now has announced that it will start charging users $2.99 per month. Mozilla said that the Firefox Private Network browser extension was moving out of beta into a paid version immediately. For now, the paid version will be available only to the United States customers but Mozilla said it will be available for everybody soon.

Mozilla says that now users can connect up to three Firefox browsers at once they move into the paid version. Additionally, the service has received a new icon to help users differentiate the browser extension from the Firefox Private Network VPN.

Everyone using the Firefox Private Network Browser extension had expected it to remain free as a part of Mozilla’s initiative. Now with it becoming a paid application, the users will either have to remove the extension or seek another similar one. Here is why Mozilla says that it had to make the extension a paid one.

We also knew from the outset that we could not offer this product for free forever. While there are some free proxy products available in the market, there is always a cost associated with the network infrastructure required to run a secure proxy service. We believe the simplest and most transparent way to account for these costs is by providing this service at a modest subscription fee. After conducting a number of surveys, we believe that the appropriate introductory price for the Firefox Private Network browser extension is $2.99 a month.

Mozilla says it will start asking users for the fee over the coming weeks.


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