Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem

08 Apr 2015

Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem – Guide to change modem file on Lenovo S960 Vibe X, once you update or re flash new ROM sometime it need to change the modem file, because original modem file give bad signal reception.
You can change the modem file if you already root your Lenovo S960, custom recovery is optional requirement because modem file in this guide can be install using root explorer. This guide will modified your system file so it very recommended that you have your system backup before start following this guide, once you replace your modem file there is no way you can restore it. Very consider before following this guide because this guide has possibility to brick your device.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Please do your own backup preparation before starting following this guide. (DWYOR)

Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem

Requirements :

  • Lenovo S960 already successfully rooted, rooting Lenovo S960 can be use iRoot, towel root or any one click rooting method. Or you can install custom recovery first then install superSu from recovery mode.
  • Lenovo S960 already installed with custom recovery, you can use TWRP or CWM both have same menu and have same function.
Downloads :
Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem
  1. Recovery Mode Installation
    • This installation mode only can be do with custom recovery, no standard recovery can do this method. 
    • Turn off your device and boot to recovery mode, press and hold Power button + Volume Down + Volume Up button and release until you can see recovery main menu
    • On the custom recovery main menu select Install zip from sd card ↦ Choose zip from sd card  point it to downloaded modem file
      Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem
    • After installation finish back to custom recovery main menu, select Reboot System Now
    • Boot normally and confirm with go to System Setting ↦ About Phone ↦ look on the Baseband Version make sure it same with the downloaded modem file.
  2. Manual Installation
    • Install Root Explorer on your device, this program needed ROOT to be run
    • Extract downloaded modem file to your computer and move it to external sd card, there will be 1 folder with 2 sub folder ↦ /system/etc ↦ firmware ↦ mddb
      Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem
    • Open Root Explorer and navigate to /etc/firmware, rename modem.img then navigate to /etc/mddb rename BPLGU*******.
    • Move modem.img from downloaded modem file to /etc/firmware then set permission to RW–R–R.
    • Move BPLGU******* from downloaded modem file to /etc/mddb then set permission to RW–R–R
      Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem Modem file for Lenovo S960 Vibe X, Solving Signal Reception Problem
    • Done, now reboot your phone.
  1. Hello Andy. I have downloaded both of this modem and also installed. But my s960 have some difficulty's to get 3g network. Do you have any other modem for this model. Or any solutions for this issue?

  2. Hi andy
    The phone is already rooted. And mob uncle also installed. So what we can do with mob uncle.
    Actually the thing is that the phone didn't get WCDMA when it's startup. if the network mod is set to "GSM only" than it will detect the signal “gsm”. And the mode is set to” WCDMA only” it will appear no service available. And the signal strength bar will show Red Cross mark. But it will detect the network provider. So if you can do anything with mob uncle please give me the instruction
    Thank you

    1. To install modem file to your device you need a custom recovery, twrp or cwm. Custom recovery for android 4.4.2 cannot be use for android 4.2.2. That why i warm you about that, but modem file can be use for both operating systems

  3. Hi. Do you have the original modem file for V102? I cannot update via OTA because of the changes I made in the modem. Installing updates gives me an error saying there something wrong with the modem

    1. above download link is V102,
      you have change the modem file so your device already rooted,
      have you use custom recovery, TWRP or CWM ?
      requirements for installing OTA update is :
      1. original Lenovo recovery, when you use custom update will failed
      2. unmodified system files, root is include

  4. Hello andy.. I can help you to guide solving s960 signal. And my step is work. Its simple.
    1. Your device must be rooted.
    2. Download the modem file s960 v51.
    3. Download root browser at the play store.
    4. Open root browser and extracted the modem file you download.
    5. The modem file is extracted and you must go to etc/firmware and delete the modem_1_3g.img.
    6. Copying the modem_1_3g.img in download file and replace it to etc/firmware.
    7. You will look the changes. The line bar will be fully. And now just reboot your device. I hope this guide can help yours problem. Enjoy 😉

    1. Hi Andy, I just replaced both files in the diretory you said given them rw-r-r permission, I followed the 2nd guie. Extract Modem file_V51 and navigate into firmware and mddb I downloaded, but whem I reboot i cant get 3g signal bro, I have S820 V51 Base band. Cheers mate

    2. so i think you need to contact the Lenovo because i just share their china modem and give Lenovo user to experience change their modem for better signal, but if modem files that i share not fix the issue than i think you should contact the Lenovo

    1. that a spam web, website that give false information and only contains adv, if you click the link provide you will be serve with another link and you will never found the ROM. if you dont believe me just click it and beware of virus.

  5. Thanks for the info. I have a hunch that it is not legit coz I don't see any lollipop custom rom in XDA for vibe X that's why I asked here since this is the only safe source of rom for my device. Do you think there will be a lollipop update even for custom rom?

  6. tnx for this file again sir, at first my s960 just automatically updated to chinese version and my phone fucked up and then i just came into your other post of rom (the one pre-rooted custom rom by baralajbi),afyer flashing it,it works fine and smooth but rhe problem of that rom is weak signal. but now using this file it just boosted my signal reception.your a big help!!! thank you so much…

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