Microsoft’s new stable Edge v84 now blocks unwanted notifications


Microsoft Edge 84 browser now has a new feature called quiet notification requests which blocks abusive notifications

Microsoft is making its Edge browser leaner and meaner to take on the hegemony of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. After making Edge a Chromium-based browser, Microsoft has now introduced a Google Chrome-like feature called quiet notifications requests. This allows Edge browser users to block unwanted notifications and avoid spamming attacks.

Legitimate websites use notifications to send users very important messages and alerts but spam websites often use this feature to bombard the user with notifications and fake alerts. In frustration, sometimes a user clicks on the notification only to download malware or spam. Microsoft Edge 84 version now takes care of such abusive notifications with its new quiet notification requests.

This new feature not only enables Edge to compete with Google Chrome which has a similar notification/popup blocking feature but also helps Edge users to reduce spam attacks. The new Edge browser will now show blocked Notifications or Push APIs In the address bar with a bell saying “Notifications blocked.” We’ve opted to turn on this setting by default for users in Microsoft Edge 84 due to high volumes of user feedback around unwanted notification subscriptions; we hope quiet notification requests will help reduce unintentional subscriptions,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft says that Notifications Blocked feature is enabled by default and if the Edge users want to turn off the feature, they could do so by visiting  “Quiet notification requests” setting from edge://settings/content/notifications.

If there is an individual website that you want to allow notifications on, you can click the “Notifications blocked” bell icon and accept the request. Microsoft says that they are planning to enhance and fine-tune the notifications prompt in future Edge updates. “We’re currently exploring turning on the full flyout prompt when data suggests users find a given site’s notification request valuable. Users would be able to keep the quiet notification requests experience for all sites if they prefer,” Microsoft said.

You can download the latest version of Microsoft Edge browser for your operating system from here.


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