Microsoft’s Halo Infinite multiplayer FPS game will soon be free-to-play


Microsoft will make Halo Infinite multiplayer first-person shoot game free-to-play for all gamers

Halo Infinite, the multiplayer first-person shooter from Microsoft will soon be made free-to-play on all platforms according to its developer. Halo Infinite is developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios and would follow Call of Duty in making the game free for all gamers.

Earlier 343 Industries announced through a tweet that Halo Infinite would be available for everyone free-to-play. The tweet adds that the latest version of Halo Infinite would support 120 FPS on Xbox Series X.

Earlier information about Halo Infinite being made free-to-play for all gamers was first leaked on Smyths Irish version website.

Microsoft and 343 Industries are just following Infinity Ward who made the recently released, Call of Duty: Warzone, a battle royale successor to Blackout a free-to-play game. The Coronavirus pandemic is pushing game developers to offer freebies like free-to-play to get more fan following.

There were questions about Halo Infinite removing the multiplayer aspect in the latest release. This was quashed by Halo community manager John “Unyshek” Junyszek in a blog posted on

“Our original plans for large-scale flighting aren’t where we originally intended in large part due to the challenges of working from home during the COVID-19,” he wrote. “At this time we’re honestly not sure what is going to be possible in terms of flighting, but we still hope to have an opportunity for broader public hands-on before release.”

343 noted during the Microsoft showcase that Halo Infinite will be “the biggest and most ambitious Halo game ever imagined,” with the Halo Ring being double the size of the past two Halo releases combined.

For those who are interested, Halo Infinite will have a more open world than past the Halo games. The gameplay consists of Master Chief and three other characters, two of whom are aliens. 343 Industries says that Halo Infinite will be the last standalone Halo game for the foreseeable future, Halo franchise would continue.



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