Microsoft to award up to $100,000 for submitting a bug in Windows Insider Preview Bounty Program


Microsoft to award up to $100,000 for submitting a bug in Windows Insider Preview Bounty Program

The popular software maker Microsoft has now revamped the Windows Insider Preview Bounty Program that pays up to $100,000 for submitting a bug. With the higher rewards company wants to make its Windows operating system bug free and errorless. The Microsoft Windows Insider Preview bounty program is part of the Microsoft Windows Bounty Program, launched in 2017.

Microsoft recently announced that it is bringing changes to the Windows Insider Preview bug bounty program by increasing the highest potential reward money to a whopping $100,000. The company has also announced procedural updates for more seamless integration with researchers and faster Windows bounty awards for eligible research.

The Windows Insider Preview program specifically is meant for researchers to find and submit vulnerabilities that reproduce in the latest Windows Insider Preview (WIP) Dev Channel. The program offers an opportunity for bug bounty hunters to report bugs in Windows Insider Preview in various products, including Microsoft Edge, Windows Defender Application Guard, Hyper-V, and Mitigation Bypass.

According to Microsoft, the Windows Insider Preview (WIP) bounty program now includes 5 new scenario-based awards for vulnerabilities that could put customer privacy and security at risk of exploitation. Rewards for these scenarios range from $20,000 to $100,000.

“While we are refocusing the WIP bounty program to defend and protect customers from these five high risks exploit scenarios, we continue to offer bounties for other valid vulnerability reports that do not qualify for scenario-based awards,” Microsoft says in the blog post announcing the revamped bug bounty program.

Microsoft has also updated its portal for bounty hunters to report bugs, in order to “streamline communication of the data necessary to triage, assess, and award bounty for qualifying submissions.” Now you can submit a bug using the updated MSRC Researcher Portal.

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