Microsoft Teams to now support up to 300 users in a single Meeting


Microsoft Teams updates its meeting joining user limit to 300

As you all know the current pandemic situation has forced every one of us to Work from Home. Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other video connectivity companies like skype and zoom have made Work from home easier. First time a meeting that could allow 100 users was being seen in Zoom, soon after all the companies have also done the same. But you will be now surprised to know that Microsoft teams would now support up to 300 users in a single meeting.

Microsoft Teams, also referred to as simply Teams, is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. While Microsoft has been introducing a series of new chat and video features to its Teams in recent times, the company earlier this month updated its Teams roadmap to increase the Team meetings limit to 300 to take on competitors such as Zoom and Google Meet.

The company released an update for the Teams in the past week, which now allows up to 300 users to join a single meeting. Previously the Team meetings could only allow 250 users to join a meeting, however now it is 300.

According to Mike Tholfsen, Product Manager of Microsoft, tweet, ROLLED OUT! 300 people can now attend a #MicrosoftTeams meeting – the limit has been increased.

Note: For Teams for Government (GCC, GCC High, DoD), the limit is still 250. We’ll update this article when the government cloud limit increases from 250 to 300.

Well, You can schedule as many live events as you want, but you can only run 15 at a time. As soon as the producer joins a live event, it’s considered to be running. The producer who attempts to join the 16th live event gets an error. While Microsoft Teams show only nine (3×3 video calling) people on a single screen. The company has plans to increase the limit to 49 people soon.

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