Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20206 with updated Voice Typing feature


Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20206 with Voice Typing feature

In the previous preview build 20201, the company fixed an issue where some Microsoft Store games protected by Easy Anti-Cheat failed to launch. However, it was also known that some games may still need to release an update to fully resolve the issue. In addition, Microsoft earlier had mentioned that it will be adding a post-update experience in future updates meanwhile the company did not added the feature in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20197 as well in 20201 and 20206(Current).

According to the company, the new Insider build comes with a set of new input features to Insiders which will allow insiders to express themselves how they see fit in Windows. “With today’s build, we are delivering a set of input features to Insiders that are designed to meet our customers where they are and letting them express themselves how they see fit in Windows. Our goal is to make Windows even better at helping our customers communicate using text and voice on their devices.” Microsoft

With this new update, the company has brought in evolved Emoji Picker which comes with an updated design, emoji search, animated GIF support, including the search. Moreover, Microsoft had added an update to the Voice Typing feature which will now come with a modern design, Auto-punctuation, and also an updated back end for the most reliable voice typing experience ever on Windows.

Microsoft says that now you can easily start voice typing any time by using the keyboard shortcut (WIN + H) or tapping the microphone button on the touch keyboard. Taking about the support for Voice typing feature the company has included English (US), English (Australia) English (India), English (Canada), English (United Kingdom), French (France), French (Canada), Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spanish), German, Italian, and Japanese.

With the Insider Build 20206, the users will also get an updated touch keyboard design, which also includes

  • New keypress animations and sounds.
  • Child keys have been optimized for quicker entry – try pressing and holding keys like “e” or “-“ and see how it looks.
  • For those who prefer to keep their keyboard undocked, the option now accessible via a button directly in the candidate bar, and you can easily move the keyboard around using the gripper region at the top of the keyboard.
  • All entries in the settings menu now have labels for improved clarity of available options.
  • We are bringing emoji search to the touch keyboard, so you no longer need to hunt through the different categories to find the one you are looking for. More so, you can also now search for animated GIFs. All accessible from our new expressive input button in the candidate bar. (For more – see our section above on evolving the emoji panel.)
  • A new entry point into voice typing has been added to the left of the space bar in supported languages. (See above section on voice typing.)

Talking about the flaws and errors fixed in this update, the company listed the below fixes:

  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the new option to enable DNS encryption wasn’t persisting after the update.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue leading to certain apps not launching due to nlsdl.dll being missing.
  • Microsoft fixed a race condition in the last few builds that could result in some Insiders experiencing scaling issues after waking their PC from sleep when using multiple monitors.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue that could result in the Narrator Home crashing when using the back button.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where after adding a VPN connection, the Narrator focus would move to the Settings home button rather than read that the VPN connection had been successfully added.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue from the last two flights resulting in Office documents opening blank when opened from File Explorer rather than from within the app.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue in the Mail app preventing syncing with certain mail services.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue causing some devices to receive bug checks with error code KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue that could result in Task Manager erroneously indicating that a non-UWP app had been suspended.
  • Microsoft mitigated an issue with the previous build causing some devices to download larger than normal amounts of data during the update process. This may have resulted in slower downloads and disk space warnings. If you continue to experience the issue with this build, please file new feedback.
  • Microsoft made improvements to address issues where the new taskbar experience for pinned websites wasn’t working for some websites. If you continue encountering issues, please ensure you’re running the latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev or Canary, and report the issue using the Feedback button in Microsoft Edge if you are.

This is the complete changelog posted by the company, For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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