Microsoft releases Play My Emails support on Outlook for Android


Software maker Microsoft releases Play my Emails support on Outlook for Android

You must have noticed that Microsoft is actively participating in Android Softwares like the company launched its Advanced Protection tool on Android and have also launched an anti-virus. The company has now finally bought in the Play my Emails support to its Outlook for Android. The company released the feature on iPhones in the previous year.

‘Play My Emails’ first arrived on the iOS app in November of last year, and at the time, Microsoft only promised that it would be available on Android sometime in 2020. According to the company, the new feature is a server-side change and it might take a few weeks of time to show up across all the regions.

However, the new Read My Emails feature for Android does more than just reading all the recently received unread emails in Outlook. Users can also accept or deny any invitation to events, create new email-based calendar events using the voice command or by simply tapping on the on-screen buttons.

To make the app read all the unread emails, users will have to tap on the on-screen prompt and then Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant will start reading them one-by-one along with the sender’s name and how long ago the email has arrived.

Other new features rolling out include displaying relevant emails under calendar events, and a one-tap Join button for meetings conducted over Zoom, Webex, and other services.

The company also recently launched a dedicated file recovery app for Windows 10 to recover accidentally deleted files and has been actively fixing May 2020 aka 2004 Windows 10 update errors.

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