Microsoft releases a fix for the Windows 10 ‘No Printer’ problem caused by KB4557957 update


Microsoft releases Windows 10 fix for No Printer problem caused due to KB4557957 patch but the fix is not automatic – you will have download it yourself

We had reported how thousands of Windows 10 users couldn’t connect and in some cases couldn’t find their printers after updating to the June 9th KB4557957 update patch. After Windows 10 users updated their PC/laptops they would find that their PC/laptop couldn’t connect to the printer. Some users on Windows Forum mentioned that the Windows 10 PC/laptop would not recognize printers from HP, Canon, Panasonic, Brother, and Ricoh after installing the KB4557957 update released by Microsoft on June 6th, 2020. Some Windows 10 users even had “issues with the apps you are attempting to print from, such as receiving an error, or the app might close unexpectedly,” and the issue “might also affect software-based printers, such as when printing to PDF.”

At that point in time, Microsoft had acknowledged the issue and promised a fix for the same. Today, Microsoft has released three out-of-band updates for fixing the No Printer issue for multiple versions of Windows 10. But there is a catch. These updates won’t download automatically to your Windows 10 PC/laptop, you have to download and install the patch depending upon your Windows 10 version.

Microsoft has released the No Printer fix for Windows 10 1803,1809, 1903 and 1909 version and can be downloaded from below. The links also contain instructions about how to patch your Windows 10 PC/laptop using these fixes.

Remember, Microsoft recommends that you only install these, KB4567512, KB4567513, and KB4567514 patches in your respective Windows 10 version only if you are affected by the No Printer issue.


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