Microsoft released KB4497165 update for Windows 10, nobody knows what it patched


Latest forced KB4497165 update for Windows 10 Intel PC/laptops fixed something or was released by mistake?

Last night, Microsoft pushed through a forced KB4497165 update patch for Windows 10 being run on Intel processor PCs and Laptops. According to Windows 10 users, the KB4497165 is a forced patch and downloads and installs automatically without the consent or knowledge of the user. Once it is installed, the Windows 10 run PC or laptop will automatically restart.

The latest patch is called Windows 10 Intel Microcode KB4497165 update and is meant to patch Intel vulnerabilities discovered after the Patch Tuesday released last Tuesday by Microsoft. However, Microsoft is mum on what KB4497165 update patches or fixes. The only vulnerability that was discovered at the time of Patch Tuesday was the ThunderSpy thunderbolt ports vulnerability and that vulnerability is unfixable.

So what did Microsoft engineers actually patch? Their website dedicated to explaining the Microcode KB4497165 patch shows nothing.  The last update by Microsoft on the KB44971665 patch is from February 25, 2020.

Intel Microcode updates are usually optional updates however the KB4497165 is a forced update. Most Intel Microcode updates are meant to mitigate hardware-based security vulnerabilities and bugs in Intel CPUs. Microsoft is so far mum on what this particular update does or patches and Windows 10 users are left wondering. Many users on various forums are suggesting that Microsoft may have released the Intel microcode KB4497165 by mistake.


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