Microsoft pimping Windows 10 Secured-Core PC after Thunderspy Thunderbolt vulnerability revelations


Afraid of hack attack using the Thunderspy vulnerability in Thunderbolt ports, buy Windows 10 Secured-Core PC says Microsoft

Just days after Björn Ruytenberg revealed the Thunderspy vulnerability in Thunderbolt port which could affect millions of PCs/laptops running on Windows and Linux, Microsoft has started pimping its Windows 10 Secured-Core PC as an answer.

If you remember a few days back Björn Ruytenberg of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands revealed how he was able to hack a laptop running on Windows 10 using the Thunderbolt port vulnerability in less than five minutes. The vulnerability if exploited could put millions of Linux and Windows PCs/laptops having Thunderbolt ports at risk.

Microsoft has an answer to the Thunderspy vulnerability in the Thunderbolt port. However, it means you buying a new PC made by it. The Redmond based company wants you to buy it’s new Windows 10 Secured-Core PC. It says that Windows 10 Secured-Core PCs can help you mitigate the threat of the recently disclosed Thunderspy attacks on devices with a Thunderbolt interface.

Microsoft 10 Secured Core PCs are OEM manufactured hardened line of Windows 10 laptops. The brands that sell Secure Core PCs include Microsoft’s own, Surface Pro X, the HP Elite Dragonfly, the Dell Latitude 7400 convertible, and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 4th generation. These PC / laptops ships with Thunderbolt port but don’t have a Surface device that can access the direct access to memory thereby mitigating the Thunderspy vulnerability.

The Windows 10 Secured-Core PCs also have security features that protect it from hard-to-block kernel malware like ransomware.

Finally, if you want to protect your Windows 10 PC/laptop from the Thunderbolt vulnerability, Microsoft wants you to buy a new one.


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