Microsoft Launcher 6.0 for Android smartphones/tablets is now available for download


Microsoft releases the stable version of Microsoft Launcher 6.0 for Android smartphones/tablets – download now

The Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is here. Microsoft just now released the stable version Microsoft Launcher 6.0 for Android smartphones and tablets after several months of beta testing. Microsoft says that the latest version of Microsoft Launcher 6.0 runs on a new codebase and is inspired by the Fluent Design System that we find in other Microsoft products.

The Microsoft Launcher 6.0 also includes the latest fad among users, a dark theme along with an updated wallpaper feature that will bring daily new wallpapers to your smartphone screen courtesy of Bing search. The new launcher also supports enhanced customizable third-party icon packs. The new Microsoft 6.0 Android smartphone launcher runs in landscape mode too. The launcher enables this setting automatically when you rotate your smartphone screen.

the Microsoft Launcher 6.0 brings a new personalized news feed to you. “The personalized newsfeed updates throughout the day with top trending stories, making it easy to stay on top of whatever’s relevant to you,” Microsoft says.

Microsoft says that the new launcher will work on all Android versions starting from 7.0 to the latest but Android 10 version users could face issues with navigation gestures when using the launcher. The dark theme mode is only available for Android versions 8.0 and later. Other known issues with Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is that Sticky Notes syncing might fail for some users. Users will also have to manually enable the notification badges after updating to the new version.

If you want to download the Microsoft Launcher 6.0 for your Android smartphone and/or tablet, you can download it from here.


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