Microsoft just bought the Internet of Things security firm CyberX


Microsoft acquires the Internet of Things (IoT) security firm CyberX for an undisclosed amount

Microsoft under Satya Nadella is a changed company. Not only it is embracing the open-source with open arms it is also moving with a snake-like speed to acquire technology that it does not possess. In this case, the Internet of Things security. Microsoft has announced it is acquiring IoT security vendor CyberX for an undisclosed amount. The announcement came today after the top honchos of the two companies had been negotiating the nitty-gritty over the past month.

Microsoft has refused to divulge the deal amount but it is certainly in upwards $250 million according to market data. Microsoft will integrate CyberX’s products and technologies with its existing set of IoT security products.

Why CyberX?

Microsoft under Nadella has been making big moves into the Internet of Things devices space. However, it was sorely missing the security aspect of IoT. CyberX will allow Microsoft a readymade cybersecurity solution for its IoT products. It helps that CyberX’s IoT security platform already is integrated with Azure Security Center for IoT.

Many old-timers believe that Microsoft lost out the Internet Search and Advertisement race to Google due to its slow pace of acquisitions and adaptation. Microsoft doesn’t want that to happen in IoT space. Google is already ahead of Microsoft with its smart home devices. However, Microsoft is making big moves in the Azure IoT systems space to counter Google. CyberX allows Microsoft to secure its operating system for IoT. According to CyberX, its technology will allow users to see digital maps of thousands of devices across a factory floor or within a building, for example, so they can monitor their security state and connectivity.

Microsoft officials said CyberX’s technology would provide a complement to other Microsoft Azure IoT services, as well as products like Azure Sentinel in a way that will help identify threats that may span converged IT and operational technology (OT) networks.

CyberX acquisition is still a small fry for Microsoft. It is committed to spending a whopping $5 billion in the IoT space spread within 2022.


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