Microsoft is giving free online courses for IoT developers


A Great Opportunity for Developers to get Free Azure IoT certification from Microsoft.

As a developer, Microsoft is giving you a chance to take their online courses to sharpen your skills. They have recently announced Azure IoT Developer Speciality Training and certification courses for free at Build 2020. The announcement was officially made in January 2020 but only now it is available in beta.

As Azure developer you need to work with data engineers and partners and need to have knowledge of the entire lifecycle of IoT devices. Once the device goes live you need to know about the setup and maintenance to assure business integration.

The developers should also shoulder the responsibility of designing Azure IoT solutions eg. device;s topology and how and where it is situated to improve your business in areas of connectivity, debugging and security,

Their IoT devices attract hackers who want to use them as botnets to further their malicious needs. You also get to know how the device works continuously while interacting on the edge.

Lastly if you would enroll for the course then you need to have some experience. To get the experience you could use Azure’s IoT solutions.

We recommend the Microsoft Azure IoT Developer online courses for future developers. You can read more about it here.

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