Microsoft finally admits it was wrong about open-sourcing


The Redmond based giant, Microsoft admits after 3 decades that open-sourcing is the way

Never thought I did see this day!!! Those of whom who were born after 2000 will not understand the relevance of Microsoft admitting it was wrong about open-sourcing. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft build his company as a close-door program maker fighting the very thing it is admitting now. The open-source Linux v/s closeted Windows fights were so common in the 1990 and 2000s that hardly a day passed without some fight thread on Reddit and other forums.

Microsoft had a heady rivalry with Linux and both its CEOs, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer viewed the community creation and sharing of communal code aka open source as a threat to its business. They even claimed open-source was crap. Ballmer had gone one step further and called Linux “cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches” back in 2001

Now the same Microsoft after 3 decades admits it was wrong!!!

Microsoft president Brad Smith made this admission while speaking at a recent MIT event.

Microsoft was on the wrong side of history when open source exploded at the beginning of the century, and I can say that about me personally.”

Brad Smith

Smith surely knows what he is talking about. He has been a part of Microsoft for more than 25 years. He was the one guiding Ballmer and Gates during the heady days of Linux vs Microsoft rivalry as Microsoft’s attorney.

Now Smith wants Microsoft to embrace open-source with open arms. “The good news is that, if life is long enough, you can learn … that you need to change,” added Smith.

Microsoft changed its tacks about open-sourcing and Linux after Gates made Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft. Nadella, an Indian from Hyderabad, had diametrically opposite views about open-sourcing to the then existing Microsoft culture.

Under Nadella, Microsoft changed its attitude towards Linux and open-sourcing. Nadella proclaimed that “Microsoft ❤️ Linux” in 2014 and Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member in 2016. Since then, Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Edge’s original JavaScript engine.

Microsoft has also partnered with Canonical to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10 and will bring full Linux compatibility in Windows 10 May 2020 mega-update. Microsoft will introduce the full Linux kernel in Windows 10 update in May 2020.

Maybe Nadella smelt the coffee and realized if Microsoft had to survive, it needed open-source and Linux.


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