Microsoft files a DMCA against indie developer who modified Windows 10 to NinjutsuOS


Microsoft files a DMCA against an indie developer who modified Windows 10 to NinjutsuOS, GitHub takes down the repository

This is a David vs Goliath fight. Microsoft has filed a DMCA with GitHub to get the NinjutsuOS developer’s repo removed. It is of added concern that GitHub is owned by Microsoft and would do its bidding and lockout the indie developer who made a Windows 10 fork called NinjutsuOS. As things stand now, GitHub has temporarily removed the Git till the NinjutsuOS Windows 10 fork developer files a counter-notice against the DMCA.

NinjutsuOS Windows 10 fork for penetration testing

iThe NinjustuOS is a stripped-down version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System. The NinjutsuOS developer has removed many unwanted Microsoft Apps from this fork and added some very good hacking and pen-testing tools and libraries to the OS. Linux has distros like Kali, Parrot, and Tails OS to help hackers, security researchers, and pentesters. However, Windows OS severely lacks these tools and the NinjutsuOS developer has tried to fill in the vacuum by providing users a collection of tools and libraries to transform their Windows 10 installation into a penetration testing platform.

The NinjutsuOS ISO was made available for download on June 6, 2020, from the developer’s GitHub page here.  According to the NinjutsuOS developer, the software is designed to help beginners enter the field of security research and information security, providing all the tools and the interface required for this type of work. Immediately after its launch, the news went viral and reached Microsoft.

And Microsoft being the big daddy of closed systems didn’t like what Ninjutsu had done to its Windows 10 OS. Microsoft’s associate company, Business Software Alliance has filed a DMCA complaint with GitHub to remove the NinjutsuOS Git on behalf of Microsoft. This complaint alleges that the software in question has access to Microsoft’s copyrighted and non-public data. The DMCA further claims NinjutsuOS violates Windows 10 copyright by removing specific Windows 10 applications, uninstalling bundle software, and changing certain Settings is a copyright violation.

We have a good faith belief that the material made available on the page/links listed above has not been authorized by Microsoft, their agents, or the law for publication, listing or sale in this manner, or on your site. As such, we request that you please act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the specific pages/links described above, and thereby prevent the illegal reproduction and distribution of Microsoft content, via your company’s network.

Microsoft’s DMCA

It is worth noting the NinjutsuOS is not a pirated version of Windows 10. In fact, downloading and installing the NinjutsuOS requires a proper Windows 10 license and key.

Ninjutsu devs claim that the Ninjutsu OS does not violate any copyright however they know they are skating on thin ice as GitHub has decided in favor of its owner, Microsoft and the NinjutsuOS git now shows a DMCA takedown notice.

Microsoft files a DMCA against an indie developer who modified Windows 10 to NinjutsuOS, claims the dev violates copyright

The developer has made no mention of counter-reply to the DMCA anywhere and it seems that the Goliath had its way on this one.


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