Microsoft Edge browser is secretly stealing your Firefox and Chrome data; Here is why


Microsoft explains why Microsoft Edge Browser is “Silently” stealing/importing Firefox and Chrome Browser data

Microsoft launched its Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser with much fanfare during the Windows 10 2004 update. The new Edge browser is said to be super fast and is now available all Windows versions, and macOS while the Linux version is on the way.

However, the Microsoft Edge browser has been at the center of controversy ever since it was launched. First, the new Edge browser has become the new default Windows 10 browser, replacing the legacy version for Windows 10. Next, some users reported that Microsoft Edge starts at the booting stage itself thereby hogging precious memory and boot time.

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We had also reported how Chrome and Firefox browser users found Microsoft Edge surreptitiously stealing browser data from these two browsers. We had written about how Microsoft had not commented on Edge browser stealing Chrome and Firefox data without the users’ consent.

Microsoft’s explanation for Edge Browser stealing Chrome and Firefox data

Microsoft has commented on why its Edge browser silently imports aka steals data from Chrome and Firefox browsers. Here is Microsoft’s statement.

We believe browser data belongs to the customer and they have the right to decide what they should do with it. Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge offers people the opportunity to import data during setup.

During the first run experience, the customer is presented the opportunity to keep or discard the imported data. This data is discarded if they choose not to proceed with the import. If a customer terminates the new Microsoft Edge browser prematurely during the first run experience (e.g. using Task Manager), residual data may not be fully deleted. We recommend customers not shut down the setup process prematurely to ensure an expected result.


Here is a half-cooked reply if you ever saw one. So it agrees that Microsoft Edge silently imports data but gives you powers to delete the data that’s left behind manually if you don’t agree with Edge importing your browsing files from Chrome or Firefox. It means that while you have the option for discarding or keeping data, you can’t stop Edge from silently importing your Chrome or Firefox data.


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