Microsoft Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay flaunts Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone


Microsoft Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay shows off his Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone as Microsoft prepares for its launch

Microsoft is getting ready to launch its new Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone. If you remember, Microsoft had unveiled the Surface Duo dual-screen Android phone at the October 2019 Surface event.

Microsoft doesn’t call Surface Duo a smartphone. It looks more of a smartphone + tablet kind and Microsoft refers to it as a communication device. It can make calls and can also be folded up to a size that fits comfortably in one hand and in your pants pocket. The Surface Duo was supposed to be released in late 2020 but it looks like Microsoft is preparing for its release before the holiday season starts. Some insiders believe that the Surface Duo could even be launched by August 2020 as Microsoft wants to launch it before Samsung introduces the new Galaxy Fold in early August.

Surface Duo runs on the Android operating system and has dual 5.6-inch screens, but when unfolded, it can be used as an 8.3-inch tablet-like device. It can also be bent farther than flat – the full 360 degrees – for a front-to-back viewing mode. It may seem strange but Surface Duo looks to be an Android copy of Microsoft Surface New, a larger dual-screen tablet that runs a version of Windows 10 optimized for the two-display setup.

Microsoft has been releasing trailers like the one above, to keep its customers interested in Surface Duo. Outside of trailers, no one has seen a working Surface Duo, but that didn’t deter Panos Panay from flaunting Surface Duo online.

Panos Panay is Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer and the man who turned Surface into the strong brand that it is today, He had posted images of his Surface Duo earlier but this one has a protective bumper. It is not known whether Microsoft plans to sell such Surface accessories or not.

The Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch screens, but unlike other foldable devices, its displays are made of Gorilla Glass – just split by a very visible hinge. The Duo will run Android 10/11 which supports foldable screens. Microsoft has said that the Duo would be compatible with all Android apps, and it’s currently working closely with Google to make Android apps that are suited to the dual-screen setup.


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