Microsoft adds transcribe feature to MS Teams


After adding transcribe feature to Word now Microsoft adds it to MS Teams

Over the years, Windows users had to either type in the text from audio manually or have to take the help of independent third-party transcribing apps to convert audio-to-text. Yesterday we reported that Microsoft adds a killer feature to Microsoft Word for transcribing audio conversations in real-time and Now the company has now added the feature to MS Teams too.

According to the reports, it was known that the company will release an update in September for Microsoft Teams will which will be shipped with live transcription. The new Live Transcription feature will give users a new way to follow and review meeting conversations.

As per the new update, the Teams users will be able to see two options in the meeting control bar; Recording and Transcription. Transcripts will be viewed in real-time using the desktop client, or at the end of the meeting on the web application. Furthermore, the text will be attributed to a specific speaker, so it’ll be pretty easy to check out the conversation.

This is a combination of a per-organizer and per-user policy. This setting controls whether captions and transcription features are available during playback of meeting recordings. If you turn this off, the Search and CC options won’t be available during playback of a meeting recording. The person who started the recording needs this setting turned on so that the recording also includes transcription.


It is worth knowing that transcription for recorded meetings is currently only supported for users who have the language in Teams set to English and when English is spoken in the meeting.

This is a great initiative by the company to help the meeting attendees so that they can check as many times what exactly was told and presented. Microsoft has adopted the change very quickly and I also appreciate the efforts of the company to provide users every flexibility they require.

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